Tuesday, October 26, 2010



.......does Henry wake up all night long?  We took away his sippy cup of water but he still wants his diaper changed multiple times during the night.

.......can't I be a good mother and change Liza's diaper in the middle of the night?  She has a persistent red spot and even though she isn't a super soaker anymore, her diaper is very very wet in the morning.  Every night I lay out a clean fitted diaper and every morning that fitted diaper is still sitting on her changing table.

.......are my kids so flipping cute that I don't mind waking up every.single.hour at night?r

.......does it feel like August outside?  I'm wearing a tanktop and a skirt and it is almost November.

.......is my electric bill not lower after choosing to sweat for the past 1.5 months rather than run the air conditioner?  Seriously.  Why?

.......does Henry always want to read the same book over and over?  We have at least 200 to choose from.

.......did I not listen to my instinct at Dirt Cheap yesterday?  I went back this morning and sure enough, everything I wanted to buy was gone.

.......did Henry just now decide he likes the baby swing on the front porch?  He has hated it for the past 18 months.

.......have I already resigned myself to the fact that Henry will not wear a costume to Pumpkinpalooza?  I should be trying harder rather than giving up.

.......can't my babies always stay little?

.......am I not napping while the house is quiet?

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Anonymous said...

Why was my electric - only -bill $176 in Foley when we were there for 3 days last month?

And babies always grow up. A shame. But true.