Monday, October 11, 2010

India on my mind.

A good friend recently took a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

He told us about how people were everywhere,
the city never slept and
the vibrant colors.

It made me think of our trip to India.

People everywhere.
Cities that never sleep.
Vibrant colors.

Taylor and I saw two different sides of India:

Lunches at 5star restaurants in Mumbai with Taylor's parents.
Flying first class to Goa.
A luxurious resort that few Indians could afford.

We also saw:


And, more filth.
Families living under tarps.
 Vendors selling produce on the street.
Spices drying under the sun.
Ancient Hindu rituals.

Amazing views of the countryside.
The birthplace of the monkey god, Hanuman.

And, a goat shepard who wrestled and proudly posed with of his goats.
Before I traveled to Europe the first time, 
I thought I knew what it would be like.

I was wrong.
Everything was so different 
from what I knew at home.

Before we left for India,
I had no expectations.

All I knew was
I had no idea what to expect.

I was right.
Everything was amazingly different.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! India is on my mind today, also. I just received a notice from Expedia India about plans for Dwali...As you know, we usually went on safari during the holiday of lights to escape the 24/7 fireworks for 10 days.