Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MSU vs. Alcorn State

We attended our first football game as a family on Saturday.
Typically, we tailgate and visit with friends but we lucked into 2 tickets so we decided to give the game a try with the kids in tow.

Who knew I would actually enjoy a football game so much?
It surprised me.

Taylor loves the Ergo and
Henry loves his cup of Fritos.

We all love our dawgs!

Still loving the Ergo and that cup of Fritos.

I think Liza thoroughly enjoyed her first football game!
She definitley liked that little maroon bow in her hair.
I honestly thought we wouldn't last long at the game. I assumed our seats would be in the sun and it would be too sunny/loud/hot for Henry to enjoy himself.

I was wrong.

He had the time of his life!

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TheSandersFamily said...

Love Henry and his upside down shades!