Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank you.


Thank you for laying on the ground while tailgating in an attempt to get Henry to take a nap. It was super cute to see.

Thank you for referring to cloth diapers as "real diapers".

Thank you for being as devastated as I was when we saw a college boy slap his girlfriend in the face today.

Thank you for asking that boy "what would your mama say?"

Thank you for not punching that boy in the nose like you wanted.

Thank you for knowing that your actions teach Liza how a real man should act.

Thank you for your acceptance of postpartum hormones.

Thank you for being a reformed Rebel and a true MSU fan!

Thank you for tirelessly working 40 hours a week when all you really want to do is stay home and play with us.

Thank you for being a babywearing daddy.

Thank you for fishing for compliments about our pretty baby girl everywhere we go.

Thank you for being you.



TheDearmanFamily said...

That's so sweet it made me cry. I love you too - Taylor

The Dumas Clan said...

very. very. sweet. Taylor is great daddy and husband, I see it every time I am around! Don't forget a very excited bulldog fan! Love you 2!

Lindsay said...

awwww :)