Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Shoot of Four!

My friend, Tricia, took beautiful pictures of my family this past Saturday. 

I'm pretty sure my children can't look better than this:

Love Tricia 
love her pictures!


The Dumas Clan said...

I am SO jealous! Beautiful. I want her to do my kiddos.

Rebecca said...

I saw her blog. Her pics are wonderful of your fam. Of course, how could they not be:)

The Greaby Family said...

I peaked at her blog, all of the photos are amazing Laura! I feel they truly capture you guys! I love them all! I can't even pick one or two to comment about, because they are all fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Boy, did all those babies' grandparents pass along beautiful genes.

Better pretty than smart, I always said (and got upset with bad grades).


TheSandersFamily said...

SO, SO beautiful!!

Whitney Williams said...

You have the most beautiful children, Laura! Enjoy reading your blog :)

Laurin said...

The pictures are great. My favorite is the one of the 4 of you with Henry trying to kiss Liza... that is really so sweet. You need a BIG one of that!