Monday, May 25, 2009


Hmmm...I wonder why Henry awoke shortly after this picture was taken???
Note: I did not take this picture.
See the shadow? I was peeking in through the door.
Henry has the munchies....
This picture is a new favorite. Such a sweet face.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5. 10. 75.

Even though Little Man grew 2 inches (to a wopping 26 1/4 inches) in the past three months, he is still in the 5th percentile for height. Yes, I laughed out loud. And, I didn't even question the nurse about the missing zero. I immediately understand this time around, that is was just a plain 5. Not a 50.

He weighs 17lbs and 4oz. Which puts in the 10th percentile for weight. He hasn't even gained a whole pound in the past 3 months. Ha! Maybe he'll chunk up a little more now that he is showing actual interest in real food. But, then again, maybe he won't. His mama and his daddy have always been on the scrawny side, so it only seems natural that he would follow suit.

I can hear my mother in the background...."but, what about his head??" Yes, Mama, his head is in the 75th percentile. I know, I know. It's big.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Little Man

Henry celebrated his 9 month birthday yesterday, May 17. It was a small affair -- fried eggs, cheerios, water in a sippy cup and a 2 hour long Dearman family late afternoon nap.

As you can see, Little Man has developed quite a few very strong opinions........

Henry loves:

  • waking up at 5:30 am on the dot every single day.
  • his morning nap no later than 8 am.
  • wearing super cute outfits every day (well, maybe that's what his mama likes....)
  • running around the house in his walker and walking behind his push toy.
  • cackling at our cat, Jimmy.
  • swinging on the front porch and watching small town life in action.
  • picking up and attempting to eat his finger foods.
  • cruising around the coffee table and kitchen chairs.
  • bathtime in the kitchen sink while chewing on his baby toothbrush.
  • our daily stroll around the neighborhood and campus with his daddy.
  • the two girls I keep after school.
  • going to sleep early and sleeping through the night.
  • going to the Farmer's Market and getting lots of compliments.
  • having his mama in sight at all times.
  • reading and chewing on Brown Bear Brown Bear.
  • playing with his daddy.

Henry hates:
  • spoons with food.
  • getting his diaper changed and putting on clothes, aka "baby torture."
  • losing sight of his mama.
  • playing by himself for more than 5 minutes at a time.
  • not being able to eat our "National Geographic" magazines.
All in all, he is a happy baby who is still very easy to console and entertain. Seperation anxiety has hit pretty hard during the past few weeks -- he wants me to hold him while he plays with Taylor -- it's funny how our roles are already so clearly defined in his life.
He loves us and we love him!!!!
His 9 month appointment is Wednesday. I am going to laugh out loud if he is still in the 5th percentile for height!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

five minutes in photos.

P.S. - I mourn the day he is too big for to wear bubbles.

go. go. go.

Our little man has preferred to be upright since the ripe old age of 5 weeks...

.....but now, he is no longer satisfied just hanging out on daddy's lap or clinging to the coffee table.

Now, he wants to go. go. go. at all times!!

num yummy.

Although Henry still believes that a spoon loaded with food and aimed toward his mouth is a reason to cry and shake his head 'no', he is now more than willing to pick up real people food and attempt to feed himself. Here he demonstrates his newfound skills with his mama's yummy red beans and rice.

He might not let me feed him but thankfully, he willingly allows me to wash his hands without a fight!

Just doing what babies are supposed to do.....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gardening and Babywearing...

Our small garden is officially planted -- we will have okra, beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes and plenty of other things that I have already forgotten about. Our big garden is still staked out and the little seedlings are itching to get out of their little plastic home and into the ground.....

I love fresh vegetables from my backyard and yes, I love a newly weeded vegetable garden, but I do not love getting all hot and dirty and I have entirely too many lower back issues to bend over for an extended period of time. I prefer to sit on the back steps and watch Taylor. I call it 'moral support.'

FYI: This is a dirt pile. Not our garden.