Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lizbeth's Visit

Lizbeth came to Starkville for the weekend to visit us and meet Henry for the first time. Even though her trip was cut short by the impending storm, Taylor and I enjoyed her immensely. And of course, she was so excited about seeing her 5th nephew and practicing her mommy skills on a newborn.

Lizbeth and I took Henry to mass for the first time. I pledge that I will do my best to never sit in the cry room again. There was no possibility of paying any attention to mass with 10 children under the age of 4 running around and playing in a soundproof room. Next week, we will just have to rejoin the general church population and take the chance of having to excuse ourselves due to a fussy baby.

Jay walking with a baby!

Don't you think Henry looks pretty all dressed up in Watkins' day gown and pacifier clip. Thanks Hope!

We spent quite a bit of time trying to take the perfect picture of Henry's feet and hands. The following was my favorite of the day:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby's Firsts...

Henry's first time to....

...sit in his cute dinosaur carseat. his great-grandparents Pat and Dibbus.

...hang out in the boppy pillow. Can you tell that Taylor's #1 concern is that his baby is warm?

...take a bath. My mom and I were too anxious so Hope had to take over.

...lay on his playmat, although he doesn't seem too interested.

...sit in his bouncy seat, which has made its permanent home in the bathroom, allowing me free hands to take a shower during the day. Maggie and Juhu (ear in the lower right corner) are excited that Henry is finally low enough for a good allover sniffing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Henry is finally here!!!

Henry Meigs Dearman has arrived...August 17 at 11:35 a.m., 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long. Although, Taylor doubts the accuracy of the nursery's meausuring system of stretching out one leg against the posted ruler.

I woke up at 3:15 am on August 17 with contractions 5 minutes apart. I immediately knew that this was IT. Taylor reminded me from a deep sleep that I did not want to go to the hospital until I was in serious pain, so I watched a rerun of Michael Phelps winning his 8th gold medal, cleaned the kitchen, dusted the living room and finished packing our bags. At 5:30, I was finally in enough pain that Taylor looked at me and believed that it really was time to leave for the hospital. I offered to cook Taylor eggs for breakfast and then felt bad when the thought of eggs made me want to throw up so we went through the drive through at McDonald's where the girl working recognized that I was in labor and congratulated me and wished us well. We got to the hospital and I was dialated 5-6 cm., recieved a shot of Staidol, slept for the next 4 hours (including through the epidural!), pushed for 30 minutes and we finally had our beautiful baby boy!!

Our homecoming was exciting but thankfully uneventful.

My grandmother, Leslie, was in my thoughts all day long as I thought about how thankful she would be to have her great-grandson living in her house.

A few pictures of sweet little Henry and his loving parents...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Henry's Daddy

According to one inhabitant of the Dearman home (Maggie does not talk and is not very opinionated anyway, Juhu is only worried about food, and Henry remains in utero), Henry's Father is not very funny. Maybe. Besides a joke is not funny unless you laugh at it. I agree with that, too. Sometimes I laugh at those silly dogs. They do stupid things. But Henry's Father, Taylor, he's pretty funny. I'll sit in his lap, and he'll pet me and say funny things like, "you're the best kitty in the whole world Jimmy!" and "Wow, you shed a lot of hair Jimmy!" and I'll just puuurrrrr, which is really my laugh. He's my favorite family member (besides myself) and I think he's funny! Despite what some people say.... Puuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Friday, August 8, 2008

Henry's Room

Henry's room is definitely ready for his impending arrival. Taylor's mark is throughout the room -- he created the big "H" (under my tutelage, of course!),the frame for the print of the two dogs, and the yellow bookshelf for my classroom last year.

Gifts and much appreciated hand-me-downs from friends and family fill the room making my little family feel very appreciated and loved. Thanks to Mama and Lizbeth, Henry has a pretty new crib which I plan on being fully utilized by a sleeping baby. The changing table was Taylor's Great Aunt Zaida's vanity, his dresser and the rocking chair were here in my grandmother's house. Now, all we need is a sweet little baby!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maggie and Juhu Dearman

So, my first official post on The Dearman Family blog concerns my current favorite little Dearmans-- Maggie and Juhu. They have been two spoiled and very loved puppy dogs during their reign as our first children. But, soon (hopefully, very soon...) they will be demoted to dog status and Baby Henry will be our new #1!

Thankfully, they will still have each other and their fun times will continue... biting each other's faces off, tearing down the curtain trying to get the post man, barking at every single dog that walks on our very dog friendly street and eating cucumbers from our garden--just to name a few favorite activities that keep them busy during their long doggy days.