Thursday, October 7, 2010

My name is Laura and I blog.

I'm on a major blogging kick. 
 Have you noticed? 

 If both kids are asleep, you will find me sitting on the couch with my laptop on my legs.  Henry takes 3.5 hour naps and I make sure Liza's long nap perfectly coincides with Henry's naptime -- love the magic of a tight swaddle, white noise machine, swing and a paci on a 2 month old.  You can only read birth stories, catch up on facebook and check out my websites for so long until one realizes they are quite bored.  Have I mentioned I prefer to do absolutely nothing productive around the house during naptime unless I want to?  Yeah, that's an important thing to remember.
So, I started blogging more....and more....and more.  

These kids are getting bigger by the minute and I love the idea of having a detailed record of their childhood.  I deeply regret my 6 months of non-bloggership after Henry turned 1 year old.  It makes me sad that those months are lost from the archives.  It also makes me sad that I didn't write about my pregnancy with Liza.  There wasn't much to say -- a lot of ice cream, french toast and long walks to pass the time -- but first kicks and the excitement of the 20 week ultrasound are gone forever and I wish I could look back and read my what my thoughts were on those important days.  

Then, I realized I had more to discuss than just oohing and aahing over my cute kids.

I find myself laying in bed at night thinking about what to blog about the next day.  My brain works out the details while I am on mama duty and then my fingers do the work during naptime.  For the first time since I quit teaching 3rd grade -- can I get an Amen to that fact? -- my brain feels busy again.  

It's a good feeling.


The Dumas Clan said...

BUT you always know there is a place for you to use your brain everyday at 3rd grade whenever you would like. I promise I would try to be as cute and fun as your kids - Mrs. Dearman.

love you - Hope

Holly Claire Bigness said...

I am so glad you are on a blogging kick, I am really enjoying the pics of your beautiful babies! Hopefully kepping up with your blog will inspire me to finally start my own :)