Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A family emergency.

As Taylor phrased it, we had a "family emergency" today:

 A drinking glass fell on my foot.
I was convinced it was broken.
It hurt.

There I was minding my own business, 
Henry's business and Liza's business.
Otherwise known as mothering.
I'm encouraging Henry to continue eating carrots without letting him grab the huge butcher knife,
grabbing Liza's pacifier without losing sight of Henry's little hand near the huge knife and
trying not to knock my camera off the table.

It didn't go so well.
A water glass landed squarely on top of my foot.
As I said,
it hurt.

I drop to the floor with Liza in my arms.

These were my thoughts:

1.  As Taylor grabs Liza out of my hands, I am personally insulted that he obviously thought I would drop our sweet little daughter simply because I am injured.  I'm still a bit insulted, actually.

2. I think, "Thank God Taylor is home from work early because I think my foot is broken."

3. Then I think about that thought a little more.  Had Taylor not come home a bit early, would I have been doing the same thing?  Likely not.  Ergo, he was indirectly responsible for my injury.

4. My thoughts wonder to the glass.  I was very thankful it didn't break because that would have been a mess to clean up and I didn't have on shoes.

5. Then I remember the origin of that glass.  I found it hidden in a bush near City Bagel last winter with beer residue on the inside.  It appeared that the glass was stashed on the way to the bar and forgotten.  I was excited to say the least.

People speak of their life flashing before their eyes.
I wouldn't be so dramatic as to apply that phenomeon to my situation.
But I will say, I had many thoughts and they flashed quickly through my head.

Yes, my foot is feeling much better now.
Thank you for asking.
A little ice, a little elevation and a little sympathy is all I needed.

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