Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Menu Challenge

We ate everything 
but the pizza.

It's going back on the list this week....
I WILL conquer my fear of dough this week.

And, because I lose self-control
when I am hungry
it is payday --
we ate City Bagel last Thursday for dinner.

  1. cabbage rolls, vegetable - this evolved into a one dish goulash.  Loved it.
  2. homemade pizza with feta, artichokes, olive tapenade and spinach - maybe this week?
  3. white bean alfredo  with spinach - I also added mushrooms.  Delish.
  4. tabbouleh and fried cauliflower with tahini sauce - Loved the tabbouleh.  Too lazy for the cauliflower.
  5. salmon cakes with wheat germ, vegetable - yummy salmon cakes with a mushy bell pepper and grated carrots.  Loved my invention of sauteed cabbage on the side.
  6. stuffed peppers and spinach pancakes -  Stuffed peppers were awesome but flew solo that night.  Not a single spinach pancake this week.
Menu Challenge Week 3
  1. Quinoa Tabbouleh
  2. Pizza with artichokes, spinach and feta -- Heather, I am trying your crust!
  3. Falafel with spinach pancakes
  4. Cabbage Jambalaya with meat and cornbread -- you're welcome, Taylor.
  5. Black beans and rice
I also searched up and down the cereal aisle for a bran cereal without high fructose corn syrup -- who knew that would be so difficult? --  for bran muffins that will hopefully satisfy my urge for sweet bready items.

I'm also planning on baking a quick bread with the butternut squash that has been rolling around the fridge for over a week.  Now, if I only I can make that happen before I eat the entire bag of chocolate chips...again.


childsplay said...

laura - does kroger have pizza dough in the deli ? publix does so it is essentially homemade but costs around $3. although I've heard that using a mixer with a dough hook makes it easy to make

TheSandersFamily said...

I use this pizza dough recipe. It's titled for bread machines but I have used it in my mixer with the dough hook as well with just as fabulous results.


Amanda said...

Thank you for posting your menu, I keep stealing things :)