Friday, October 1, 2010

our first craft.

I am not a crafty person.

That aspect of teaching 3rd grade never appealed to me.

It's just not my style.

My ADD kicks in and I get bored way before the craft is completed.

after grabbing a Martha Stewart Living magazine off the freebie table at the library and flipping through it in 5 minutes only to realize I should have left the magazine there for someone who would actually enjoy it,

a great idea popped into my head:
Cut out the pictures Henry would like and let him glue the pictures down with the gluesticks I bought on clearance at Kroger.

Brilliant, huh?
No. Not really. I know.

Checking out the various pictures I cut out during his naptime.
I thought gluing the pictures onto a football player would incite excitement.
I was right.

Hmmm. Which picture to choose first?

Mama, glue the hot dog right there.

Streeeeetching for the last picture.

Admiring the finished product.

I think it turned out pretty cute and Henry was proud!

He surprised me by insisting that I handle the glue stick but he really enjoyed choosing the picture and telling me exactly where it need to be placed on the paper.


Rebecca said...

Nice! Its so cute how proud they are of their work:)

Profe said...

so cute!