Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What does a homebirth look like?

*Interested in reading more about our homebirth? Click here for Liza's birth story.*

A homebirth starts with a massively huge baby pool stowed away in your unborn child's room. Henry thought the pool was his very own Wonder Wheel! Any Richard Pryor fans out there??

Once the party starts, the baby pool becomes the "birthing tub" and is moved into the living room. Taylor took his role of tending to the tub very seriously. Too bad the tub didn't work for me during the actual delivery. It's role during my labor and delivery had been highly anticipated during the prior weeks. But, at least we have a kickass baby pool for the backyard!

Mama nursing and resting comfortably in her own bed with her brand spanking new baby. I was so swollen after Henry was born from all the IV fluids. Here, I definitely look like myself about an hour after delivering Liza.

Liza was weighed on my bedside table. She was very alert and bright eyed, looking around the room.

Biggest brother met his new baby sister in the very familiar surroundings of his parents' bed. It took him about 3 minutes to warm up to her and then he had to check her out for himself.

First thing he looked for was her little bitty baby feet. He was quite pleased to see that they looked like his feet.

Is he looking at her belly button, or he is checking to see if she is really a girl?!?

What does a homebirth look like?
One big happy family!


Jodie said...

So I had a dream last night that I was in labor and decided last minute to have a home birth...prob because I read your post late one night. When I woke up my bladder was full and I was having Braxton Hicks:) Glad you were able to labor at home, I know I could never do that!

Melita said...

Congratulations, Laura & Taylor! Liza's beautiful, and Henry will be a GREAT big brother!

Nikki said...

wow! i am left wanting way more details. I didn't even know you were having another little bundle of joy. I am so behind!

Angie said...

Just stumbled upon this post, old as it may be.  Love the "wonder wheel"  My husband and I yell "wonder wheel" as our 11 year old daughter runs and vaults at gymnastics meets!  I am a labor nurse at a small hospital and I must say we have it good as far as hospital birth goes.  Most aren't so lucky, I love seeing homebirths and wish there were more, after all we aren't sick why are we going to the hospital?  I get so many patients who say "just in case", In case of what? I always answer:)  Congrats on what looks like a wonderful delivery.

Mandi @ Catholic Newlywed said...

That is so beautiful.  I had an amazing birth center birth, but if we aren't living in the vicinity of  a birth center for our next child, I will definitely be doing a home birth!