Friday, October 1, 2010

Are you 100% sure?

Liza and I were involved in a car accident last night.

It wasn't a bad wreck.
My car is drivable.
The woman's huge duallie truck didn't have a dent.

It wasn't even my fault!

Immediately after the impact, I jumped out of my car repeating,

"I know she is okay, I know she is okay."

And, yes, she was just fine.

But, Liza isn't even 2 months old yet.
Her little body is so fragile.
Her neck and spine are still very floppy.

I knew she was okay because
I know her carseat is properly installed and
I know she was buckled in perfectly.

Her carseat is not expired.
The shoulder straps hug the top of her shoulders.
The top buckle is in the middle of her chest,
not down low near the crotch buckle.
A finger barely fits under her buckled straps.
Her base is attached using LATCH and
I check the LATCH system and tighten the buckles every few days.

1 comment:

Laurin said...

so glad it wasn't a bad accident but scary all the same.