Friday, March 27, 2009

I made the team.

Baseball practice was alot of fun. We practiced hitting homeruns, sliding into home base, and catching pop flies. It was fun hanging out with all the other baseball players. Coach told me that I will be a starter next season, so I need to make sure I drink alot of mama's milk to get my muscles and bones ready for all that hard work. Yeah, I did miss my mama during practice but she was watching from the stands and she always waved at me when I looked her way.That made me a feel a little better about not having her right next to me.
Gotta go!
 Daddy wants to play catch in the back yard.

Identical cousins?

Henry at 4 weeks.

Martha at 2 weeks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Not sure why this one keeps turning on its side, but Henry's smile is just too sweet....

Bathtime is even better now that he has mastered the splash.

Checking out the dry rack.

Taylor installed his swing from Uncle Chase and Aunt Shannon on our front porch. He loves it!

Hanging out at the beach with Grandaddy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Notes from Henry.

1. I LOVE my bath. Since my mama is such an obsessive googler, she found an article detailing how long soaks in lukewarm water, followed by an immediate slathering of lotion is the new treatment protocol for excema. Man, am I glad that she is so obsessed with that pink laptop of hers, since it means I get to take baths again! I now get to sit in the sink for 30 minutes each night. My mama turns on the water and lets me try to grab and eat the stream from the faucet. It's pretty cute. Sometimes I get frustrated because wet toys are slippery toys, but there is always someone standing nearby that can help. In fact, they stand really close to me since I can almost tipped my bath ring over picking up the dry rack off the counter last week.

2. My Aunt Lizbeth is also quite the googler and she emailed my mama to tell her that I am advanced! Duh. Turns out that most babies my age can't stand by themselves. Well, I live to hold on to rungs of the kitchen chairs and stand up. Without any help. Well, maybe I do need a little help getting up there. Once I am standing, I am on my own. That's the way I like. My mama laughed when my daddy said that I pulled myself up but today she witnessed it with her own eyes. Looks like it's time for somebody to lower my crib mattress before I figure out how to escape those awful afternoon naptimes.

3. Not only does Aunt Lizbeth think that I am advanced, she also deciphered one of the reasons that I don't like to nap so much.... my mama was drinking too much morning coffee. Way too much. I am napping better now that mama is off her habit. That first day of breaking her addiction, my daddy had to fix her a cup at 8pm for her caffeine withdrawal headache. But, now her headache is gone and I really am napping much better.

4. I'm also sleeping better at night. Sometimes, I wake up and cry and nobody comes in to check on me. Can you believe that? Who could resist me??? Sometimes, I fall right back asleep. But, sometimes, I have to scream really, really loud for someone to come and pick me up. And honestly, that's all I want in life.....someone to pick me up ALL the time. Is that too much to ask?

5. This whole ear infection business really sucks. But, getting all that medicine poured down my throat sucks even more. This morning, Mama did pretty good by herself torturing me, but I showed her who was boss after lunch. I spit out that nasty pink stuff all over myself, her shirt, and the changing pad. Mama: 0 Baby:1 -- we'll see who is in the lead tomorrow.....

6. I officially have 3 teeth! 2 on the bottom and 1 on top. Daddy thinks that my newest tooth has retreated but who has ever heard of that kind of nonsense?
7. My mama thinks that she has figured out an easier way to start posting pictures. So, hopefully, yall will be able to see my cute smiling face again!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


  • Henry has his first ear infection,his 12th runny nose, and his 1,324 cough. He's pretty pitiful and hates his medicine with a vengeance. One person is simply not strong/agile enough to pin down his arms and actually have any of the antibiotic go down his throat. It is definitely a two-man effort.
  • Taylor was sick last weekend and I got sick this weekend. He gave me his funk -- stiff neck, fever, runny nose, and cough. Do I sound like a flu commercial, or what?
  • It's no secret that I love MckMama's blog. If you live here in my house, it's no secret that I am very upset that little Stellan's heart is racing at 300 beats a minute and that he is very very sick. He needs prayers for a 2nd miracle!
  • Last weekend was spent with my OF (original family.) Although with the babies involved, I think we should be the NOF (new original family.) Baby Martha is precious and Lizbeth is doing a fabulous job of keeping her in cute outfits. It was a great visit filled with: shopping (thanks, Mama!), eating, caring for babies, playing the Wii Fit, creating Mii's for everybody in the whole fam damnily, making sure that all the Mii's are color coordinated with their family unit, watching Henry hysterically laugh at the dogs, laughing out loud at the Flight of the Conchords, and eating corned beef and cabbage. I feel sure that we did more than the items on my list, but I am at a loss.
  • Friday night, a dear dear friend came to visit and spend the night. I really could say anything I wanted to about her because she told me you know I don't read blogs, or do facebook. I'm just not that interested in people. Hmmm. Strange, I know. However, as she put it her situations are all bad. After talking and spending alot of time with her, I gained some perspective. I need to stop. And, be thankful that I have a husband who cares, supportive family, and friends that live really really nearby and would be there if I needed them.
  • My computer is still not uploading pictures. I know. I know. I really need to do something about that.
  • Tchuss!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what? another post?

Today's original post was written during a time of great despair -- baby's refusal to nap. Now, I feel obligated to report on the remainder of the day's nap. Ready?

1. Nap 1, aka 1st post of the day, 9:00- Looking back, this nap was destined to fail. I was pushing Henry to stay awake in order to make the Tiny Tots program at the library at 9:30. Big mistake. He had been yawning and rubbing his eyes for 20 minutes before I finally realized that I should just go ahead and put him down for a nap. An hour of fighting sleep later, he was asleep for his customary 45 minutes.

2. Nap 2, 12:00 -Henry fell asleep in the car after a trip to Kroger and Dirt Cheap. I suppose he was still exhausted from his morning nap because he pretty much stayed asleep as I got him out of the car, nursed him, changed his diaper, and layed him in his crib. Asleep for 45 minutes.

3. Nap 3, 4:00- I have been pushing this late afternoon nap since I started picking up the girls from school after Christmas. Today, he actually cooperated. Asleep for 30 minutes.

4. Bedtime, 6:00- Personally, if I had only been awake for an 1.5 hours I wouldn't have been ready for bed but this baby certainly thought he was....until he was dressed and ready, whereupon he decided to wake back up. But alas, 30 minutes and some crying later, we have sleep.

Reflection upon today's sleep situation: It's really not so bad. After writing it down, I realize he sleeps more than I give him credit for.

What is the new problem at hand? You are probably asleep if you actually read this incredibly boring post about my child's sleep habits....

more updates....

Henry's lead level came back completely normal. Anything above a 10 on the lead test is cause for concern and Henry's blood level came back at a 1. But, I do worry that one he is mobile (and in closer contact to our windowsills) that the level will go up......but, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

On the baby food front, there is little progress. He has refused rice cereal, applesauce, avocado, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Tomorrow we will give peas a try. I need to take a video and post it to show everyone how cute he is when he pinches his little lips shut whenever the foody spoon gets near his mouth............

What's been going on?

We have been a busy family of three during the past few weeks. A few highlights of our past week....

1. Our friend, Jeremiah Dumas, is running for Alderman here in Starkville. If you happen to live in Ward 1, please vote for him. His Alderman Kick-Off party was last Friday night at Barrister's (can the name of a bar owned by a lawyer get any cheesier?) and it was quite fun. Yes, there was some politicking going on but I managed to stay away from all that as I chatted with friends, admired their kids, and drank a few beers. Where was Henry? Asleep in his stroller. What else would this baby be doing after 6pm? He sure does like to go to sleep early.......a perfect segue to my next bullet...

2. Just as much as this boy loves to go to sleep for the night super early, this boy surely hates to take naps during the day. Does he get so tired he can't function? Yes. Is he in his crib crying right now? Yes. How do I feel about his "crying it out" business? Like a total failure. Enough said. 20 minutes later: He never did cry himself out. Just how long is that suppose to take, anyway?? I finally nursed and rocked the poor little thing, again, and he is now finally asleep.

3. Back to more pleasant topics -- Saturday we went to Yazoo City to visit my grandparents. Henry was oohed and aahed over and we had a very nice visit.

4. Saturday night, Taylor's mom hosted an engagement party for Taylor's cousin, Austin. There was a great turn-out and it was a lovely function. However, I am still left to wonder about these people who prefer punch to wine.....

5. Sunday, I met with my friend, Maury, aka as my long lost friend I found at the Stuckey's in Hattiesburg. We had a great visit and it was good to reconnect with a childhood friend. I remembered just how much we have in common and we promised each other it wouldn't be another 6 years until we talked again.

6. I have lots of pictures to share but my computer is having issues uploading pictures. Typically, I would blame blogger but I have gathered some items to sell on Ebay and my pictures won't upload to that site either.


So, Laura, since your computer won't let you share pictures with your friends and family just what is that little rugrat of yours doing these day?

At almost 7 months, Henry Meigs is ...........

1. crying, instead of napping
2. rolling everywhich direction until he gets stopped by a piece of furniture. If you are unfamiliar with my house, that means he doesn't get far.
3. sitting completely unsupported for as long as he wants to -- only falling over when a toy he desperately wants is out of his reach and he goes for it anyway.
4. riding and sitting up in the grocery cart. Kroger is his favorite place in the world.
5. pushing the button to make the music play on his crib toy.
6. wanting to crawl, but he ends up looking like he is swimming the butterfly with his arms and legs waving in the air.
7. still working on getting those top two teeth in. With the way his gums look, it surely can't be too much longer.
8. sleeping better at night, although this is still a night to night endeavor.
9. loving to watch other babies when we are at the Tiny Tots library program.

That, my friends, is everything that is going on my life. Now you know it all!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Orleans in Numbers.

6 - friends.

14 - children left at home with fathers and grandparents.

2 - nights in New Orleans.

6 - am bedtime Friday night. Or should I say Saturday morning?

10 - pm bedtime Saturday night.

1 - pitstop at Target in Hattiesburg.

97 - conversations about our children.

267 - times I threw my arms in the air and yelled "Woo! Spring Break 09!" on Bourbon Street.

48 - times we toasted ourselves at Pat O'Brien's piano bar.

1 - frequently used Medela Pump in Style

6 - gas station bathroom breaks.

1,863 - laughs.

4 - trips to the Royal Sonesta Brunch buffet for more food.

1- chance encounter with a long-lost friend at Stuckey's in Hattiesburg.

0 - complaints.