Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cabbage Rolls My Way.

The goal?
Cabbage Rolls. 

The result?
Something much more akin to goulash
regardless of the fact
I have no idea what goulash actually is.

I used half a pound of turkey cooked with garlic and onion.
Next time I'll try it with less meat and a can of white beans.
But, I liked the addition of meat and
Taylor always appreciates it....

As I ate my Not Rolled Up Cabbage,
I thought about my grandmother.
Tomas, a student from Czech Republic, boarded at her house 
as he completed veterinarian school.
I remember Leslie telling me how his sister came for a visit 
and cooked meals in one big pot.
The meat, the veggies, everything in one pot.

But, it's not a casserole.
It's goulash.

Small head of cabbage
.5lb of turkey cooked with garlic and onion
leftover brown rice
Chopped bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsley
Can of tomato sauce
Salt and pepper

1. Heat oven to 350.
2. Mix turkey, rice, veggies and tomato sauce, salt and pepper to taste
3. Create layers of cabbage and meat mixture in a dutch oven.
4. Cover and cook until cabbage is fork tender.


Anonymous said...

i think goulash is a dish made with beef, lots of onions and lots of paprika (some variations have vegetables in there too)'s almost a soup/stew that can be served alone or on top of noodles.

what you prepared looks delish though! love me some cabbage!

TheDearmanFamily said...

I could google "goulash" but for some reason I seem to enjoy not knowing what it is. Lots of paprika makes sense with it being a traditional Hungarian dish.

It really was tasty. And, it looked really pretty too. I should have taken a picture...