Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hail Dear Ole State.

As usual, I was totally clueless about events for the football weekend.  So I was very glad when Hope called to tell me she was in our backyard with a crew of kids to walk to campus for the Homecoming Parade and pep rally.  We tagged right along and Taylor met us after work.  

Surely we had more kids in tow.....
it certainly sounded like more when they playing in our backyard!

"Mama, Mama, woo woo!"

A photo-op gone horribly wrong.
I ask for a kiss and he gives me his chin,
not to even mention Poor Liza down there.

I was glad Cat needed a baby fix so I could focus on Henry during the parade.
Henry tends to get overwhelmed and he was pretty stressed out during most of the parade.  Poor bug ended up standing on lap clapping and pointing but shaking the entire time.

Henry LOVED the MSU Rodeo Team!

I loved the pooper scoopers!

And, what is a parade without a shiny clean firetruck!
Did you know that firetruck belongs to Henry?

Standing away from the crowd for the pep rally.
He seemed satisfied clapping from afar.

Phelps loves her some Baby Henry.
Henry loves him some attention from a cute little girl.

Love our tailgate kid crew!!!

Taylor met us on campus for the pep rally and a kids event in the ampitheatre.
He was pretty proud to figure out he could
push the stroller and ride his bike at the same time.
Needless to say, I wasn't fast enough to keep up.

Both babies are napping and then we head out to campus to cheer for our dogs!
Go State!

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LT (and Max) said...

adorable!!! do i recognize henry's shirt??? :)