Friday, July 29, 2011

pros and cons of my breastfeeding toddler:

 Pro:  I know my little toddler's immune system is boosted everyday by my milk's unique antibodies.
Con:  Her immune system is not only boosted everyday but also, all.night.long by my milk's unique antibodies.
Pro:  Now that she is older, she lets me know when she wants to nurse my tugging on my shirt.
Con:  I can't wear dresses in public.  Boo.  If I did, I might just get called an exhibitionist and finally get to stage that nurse-in I've been dreaming about....
Pro:  My milk is constantly changing and evolving to meet her nutritional needs.  The milk she drank as a newborn is drastically different than the milk she drinks at one-year-old.
Pro:  Nursing is the only time she is snuggly and calm.
Con:  Well, not very calm.  Her newest trick is perfecting various yoga positions while latched on.  Downward dog seems to be her favorite.
Pro:  While Liza hasn't had a stomach bug yet, it is good to know  I won't need to worry about filling her up with sugary drinks to keep her hydrated.  Sick babies love to nurse and breastmilk is the best source of hydration you can find.
Pro:  She still nurses to sleep and it is so sweet watching her little eyes flutter shut as she continues to breastfeed even after she falls asleep.
Con:  Nursing to sleep means I am the only one available to put her down for naps and night time.
Pro:  No need to worry about her not eating enough solid foods to satisfy her growing body's needs.  She can always drink more milk to fill her little tummy after she throws every bite of her supper on the floor.
Pro:  Crying?  Here, have a sip.  Get happy.
Con:  Crying again?  For the millionth time, have a sip.  Get happy. 

Do you have anything to add?


Hannah said...

Thank you! Waht a lovely, funny and heart warming post I really needed to read. It was a timely reminder of the joys of breastfeeding. Lauren of Hobo Mama pointed me here after my own (very different) post today:

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Thank you for visiting and I'm glad it cheered you up! I'm curious to find out what your heart (and your demanding toddler) leads you to do!

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm a big fan of a breastfeeding toddler...if yall enter the 3rd year, you'll really see what a miracle worker those milkies can be ;). You know I've been kind of down about Charlie only nursing a few times a day (including only a time or 2 at night) and milk supply decreasing accordingly, BUT I talked to a good friend of mine who's like the lactation goddess, and she told me her middle son did that but still nursed on until he was 4! So I'm not fretting so much about it anymore :)

JoyFilled said...

LOVE this post. How funny and true!

Mandi- my oldest daughter was only nursing about once every 1-3 days for the last year, and she didn't wean until 4.5 years! :) Just proof (for CLW) that they do naturally cut back- and eventually stop- on their own!!

Mandi @ Living the Good Life said...

That's good to hear, Joyfilled! I'm talking about my youngest who is 19 months and just in the past few weeks has really cut back on nursing. My oldest at the same age was still nursing A LOT!! So I was worried he might wean a lot earlier than my first and maybe even before he was 2 (and how in the world would I survive the 2's without the magical milk power, lol). It's nice to hear another mama who's little ones stretched it out even with minimal nursing :)

Jordan said...


Isn't nursing the best?! I nursed my DD until she was 32 months old and am currently nursing my 13 month old. It's just the best for them and me :).

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Mandi, glad you are getting confirmation that little Charlie likely isn't leaving you :)

Joyfilled, thanks!

Jordan, it is the best!

Jude and Alisha said...

Great - honest and lighthearted! And I made it back from vacation with a still nursing 1+ year old!

The Quinns said...

You never did post a video of Liza being a drama queen and flinging herself on the floor, so come on and produce a picture of her nursing in Downward dog! Cirque de soliel in her future??

Anonymous said...

I think the pros are great. We nursed for 21 months and stopped because we wanted more children and my prolactin levels were preventing ovulation...but my milk supply was amazing. Worst. Mistake. Ever. If I had to do it over again, I would have not stopped. We'd probably still be nursing at 27 months and beyond. And probably avoided the SIX ear infections we had in the six months after he weened.
Should we have another baby, I will be fine with her nursing until she has to leave for kindergarten. And I'd be fine with staging a nurse in in a pubic place too!