Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look! I have 4 teeth....

Over the past several months, I have frequently commented on Henry's refusal to eat pureed foods, his pursed lips and his tears. It was very frustrating trying different flavors, textures, spoons, and locations around the house to no avail. His pediatrician agreed that an 8month old baby should most definitely be eating food.
Enter Jamie: occupational therapist and my new favorite person. She completely validated all my worries and concerns and is convinced that Henry will not only eat but he will enjoy solids very soon.
After a quick evaluation in which he cried when approached with the foody spoon, she began developing a plan to introduce him to the joys of food. Since he has an aversion to all things food, I now smear purees on his hard plastic toys. This forces him to encounter the ickiness on his hands and eventually get some of the flavor in his mouth. At first, he simply threw those toys on the ground in lieu of a clean toy but now he puts the foody toys in his mouth again and again until all sign of the puree are gone.
He is also happily eating apples in the mesh self feeder that terrorized him just a few weeks ago!
And, he will pick up and eat puffs dipped in purees.

Jamie's worst case scenario? He will be feeding himself food from a spoon in less than a month.
Best case scenario? He allow me to feed him from the spoon when we are in public.

She also commented on his need to control what goes on around him.
Do I hear "I do it myself" in my future, or what?

Meme and Pops:

I don't think we could have taken a better farewell photo.
We love you!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chillin' like a baby villain...

Last weekend was great with Lizbeth, David, and Baby Martha visiting. We admired our babies alot, talked about the same things we talk about on the phone everyday, and just enjoyed each other's company. We so enjoyed their visit that Taylor hit them up to buy the house next door to us....sounds like a good idea to me!!!

It was very relaxing holding a baby that doesn't try to catapult off your lap.

Henry was definitely intrigued with the bouncy seat that he would have nothing to do with 6 months ago....

This is what happens when you want to figure out what is underneath the bouncy seat......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Say what? 8 months already?

I am 8 months old today. My mama and daddy both had to think for a minute to decide if I was 3/4 of a year old or 2/3 of a year old but they quickly sorted through that 3rd grade math and realized that I am 2/3 of a year old today! Wow. I think that I can already hear my little bitty baby joints creaking with my old age.

Let me tell you what I have been up to lately:

** I live to stand up. Lately, I have been getting very brave and I try to grab a toy with both hands at the same time. 2 hands on the toy means no hands for balance. So, if nobody is holding on to me, I usually stand for about 3 seconds before I fall on my behind. Or my face. Or my head.

** I am still not eating ANY solids. My mama started googling and realized that I might need some help figuring out this whole solid food eating business. I now have a very sweet occupational therapist, Jamie, who is very patiently trying to make me believe that food is a wonderful thing. I haven't been convinced yet.

** I am teething like a maniac. There might be more than 4 teeth in my mouth but my mama isn't brave enough to stick her finger in my mouth long enough to explore and I still can't count. So, who knows?

** My new favorite chew toy is a metal coaster. My daddy doesn't think that I should chew on metal but my mama always gives it to me when he isn't around. I love it.

**I am also enjoying a little freedom with my walker from Great Aunt Cindy. Her grandbabies loved it and so do I. But, watch out! I get stuck under the table and love to pull down the kitchen chairs onto my head. I sure do wish someone would teach me how to back out of a corner.

**I keep hearing my mama talk about how tiny I am, but I am pretty sure that she has me mixed up with another baby. I completely fill out my 9 month footed sleepers and have been wearing lots of 6-12 and some 12 months summer clothes.

**Nighttime sleep is no longer my enemy. Now, I sleep 12 hours STRAIGHT at night.
Everynight. If I cry at night, I am back asleep in less than 3 minutes. Not bad for a reformed insomniac, huh?? Naps are a different matter. But, we won't touch that evil subject on this pleasantly themed post.
**My favorite thing to do during the day is swing on the front porch and watch all the cars, people, and dogs that go by our house. I like it almost as much as television that I get to watch at other people's houses!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Easter.

Easter egg dyeing contest.
Danny's ribs -- the best I've ever had. Thank you very much.
Taylor's funny family.
Crazy stories shared.
Big breakfast.
A vision of Heaven complete with crowns and chocolate.
10 straight hours of sleep in the pack-n-play!!
Best of all?
Knowing that my little Henry is there to experience it all!!

Thanks Betty for his precious outfit!!!

Yay for Easter happies!

Apparently, I missed all the photo ops but Taylor and Henry sure do look good together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MSU Easter Egg Hunt.

We began our Easter festivities with Hope and 3 of her 4 children at the MSU President's House Easter Egg Hunt (should all of that be in caps? not sure...)
Of course, as a first time mother I had never heard of such an event but apparently I was the only one unfamiliar with the tradition. The place was hopping (!) with small children, Easter eggs, and those cakey cookies with icing on top from Wal-Mart. Yum.
Henry feel asleep in the car on the 3 minute drive to campus and slept for the duration of the hunt. But, the day was not wasted for Hope's kids. As soon as I heard that each age group had a silver and golden egg hidden, my little eyes started searching and scanning for the big prize eggs. Lo and behold, they weren't too
difficult to spot in the 0-2 age group hunt. As soon as the hunt began, I quickly guided Watkins to the silver egg! He was pretty pumped when they handed him a Easter basket filled with junk that make kids happy. Phelps, however, thought that if her twin won a prize that she deserved one as well. Too bad, I wasn't quick enough to sprint her over to the golden egg. Maybe next year.....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to: Make Your Own Baby Food

Vegetable. Or fruit.


Food process.

Flexible ice cube tray.

Ziploc bags.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just to be clear....and Stellan.

Henry is not standing all on his own in the picture below. He is leaning back just a little to keep his balance. I think he is a pretty talented 7.5 month old, but to stand all on his own would be just brilliant!!