Saturday, October 9, 2010

Menu Challenge

The goal:

Actually stick to the meals for which  I planned and shopped.

  1. Black beans and rice with brown rice and homemade veggie stock
  2. Stir fry with brown rice and veggies from the freezer
  3. Eggplant Croquettes with couscous and tomato gravy
  4. Homemade pizza with feta, artichokes, mushrooms, olive tapenade and spinach
  5. Broiled fish with lemon, mushroom rice, spinach pancakes
  6. Spaghetti squash, roasted garlic and french bread
  7. Butternut squash french toast from The Sneaky Chef and cheeseless spinach quiche
The good:
We ate 6 of these dinners over the past 8 nights.
No pizza with homemade crust.  
I cooked everynight....
except the night Taylor and I went on a date and ate sushi!

The bad:
I totally over soy sauced the stir fry and the unplanned fried rice.  Just like last time.
The spaghetti squash over cooked and ended up having the texture of butternut squash.  
We ate that dish over rotini.  Loved it.
The spinach cheese turned into a yummy carroty eggy souffle.
I chickened out on the homemade pizza crust.
Why does homemade bread scare me so?

I give myself 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Must conquer the fear of dough
stop using too much soy sauce


  1. cabbage rolls, vegetable
  2. homemade pizza with feta, artichokes, olive tapenade and spinach
  3. white bean alfredo  with spinach
  4. tabbouleh and fried cauliflower with tahini sauce
  5. salmon cakes with wheat germ, vegetable
  6. stuffed peppers and spinach pancakes  
*cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers will share one package of ground turkey

The goals:

Actually stick to the meals for which  I planned and shopped.

Eat these 6 meals in the next 6 nights.

This means I have to make the pizza tonight 
since I'm not going to the store until tomorrow.......
We'll see.

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Holly Claire Bigness said...

I love your menu planning! I just started and it has made grocery shopping SO much easier. We also waste way less food.