Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raise your hand if you love Dirt Cheap.

Have I mentioned my love of Dirt Cheap lately?
I feel like it's been a while since I've sung it's praises.


It's more than a store...
it's an activity.

An activity that I love.

I'm feeling especially praiseworthy
because it had been a while since I visited my most favorite store.
I'll never forget the last time I was standing in line at Dirt Cheap and
a woman asked me when I was due with baby #2.
"6 days ago."
I had been dying for someone to ask my due date and finally someone did.
She was appropriately shocked.
Too bad I didn't manage to go shopping on day 9 postdate...

The kids and I went to Dirt Cheap two days in a row this week.
It was every bit as good as I remembered.
I *might* have even purchased a few Christmas presents while we were there.

Henry knows he is guaranteed a prize at Dirt Cheap so he starts scouting out something he needs within minutes of entering the store.
He was pretty pumped up to find a Minnie Mouse keychain that I actually let him touch after a stern lecture about how he couldn't put Minnie in his mouth.

Liza didn't get the mouth lecture for her toy because it was actually brand new and
 still in the unopened packaging. 
Quite the miracle for Dirt Cheap.

Minnie got wet after playing outside and needed to dry off in a towel.
I would take a more flattering picture of her but she is clutched in Henry's sleeping little hands.


I've been looking online for an activity mat for Liza.
This one was significantly cheaper than the one I was looking at buying,
 I love the colors and it doesn't sing or have flashing lights.
Win.  Win.  Win.


KazVik said...

I love Dirt Cheap! You are so brave to go there with two kids. I always regret when I do that.

About our talk today at the library. I had a couple thoughts about Halloween costumes. First one, I remember that Alex refused to wear the Halloween costume when he was two (it was the same Daniel wore today at the library). I didn't make a big deal. So I just put it on him, and he got over it. He actually liked wearing it after that, because it had a tail.

The second thought. What about cowboy costume for Henry? He already likes wearing his hat.

Good luck!

PS Here is the link to my blog, if you are interested. The only thing it's in Russian.

Amanda said...

I'm pretty jealous of Dirt cheap... I wonder if we have anything like it I have not found yet??? Save-a-lot?? noo, I cant stand that store. Not the dollar store... ugh.. Why does the south get to have all the fun! I wanna hunt for deals tooo!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute mat....good find!!!! dd

Laurin said...

you KNOW i love dirt cheap and Hudson's. I bought about 20 bottles of shampoo and conditioner last visit. I know, that sounds extreme... but it was ABBA from the salon and it was only $1.50. I mean, Suave is $1.50 and it is not like Shampoo goes bad... right? back me up on this. :)

Bethany said...

We have that mat and Isaiah goes nuts on it! He can turn the music on and so he clicks the button over and and over and over again.