Friday, October 15, 2010


Henry and I love the park.
We love our friends that love the park.

I love that each of these friends has a toddler and a baby less than a year old.

I love that all of my friends breastfeed.

And, I really love when we all end up
 nursing our  babies at the park
all at the same time.


Thursday morning was spent at the park with these friends.  As usual, the big kids were playing and the mamas with babies were sitting on the ground, chatting and monitoring the snacks.  A grandmother babysitting her granddaughter sat down on a bench near us.  We chatted a few minutes and she noticed we were all casually nursing our babies at the same time.  She began telling us how it was so nice to see women nursing their babies because you just don't see it like you used to.  We heard about how she nursed all 4 of her kids and they are all 'very smart' and successful in their lives.  She went on to say that in 'the old days' it was no big deal to see women breastfeeding in public and she was glad we were feeding our babies in the best way possible.


This woman has been on my mind.

I can't get over the way she was surprised to see 4 women nursing their babies.

I also keep thinking about how each of us who choose to
 proudly breastfeed our babies in public
are taking part to normalize a very normal thing.


If you see me nursing little Liza
 at the park, 
in the library,
or while eating breakfast at City Bagel,
you likely won't even notice.

I've perfected the art of discrete nursing in public.

Now if I can only find someone to knit Liza a hat like this.......


Rebecca said...

that is my next project, learn to knit a hat! I will put it on my list for Liza:)

Laura said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I'm pretty sure your baby will need one too!

TheSandersFamily said...

ditto. every word you said.

Anonymous said...

I just finished nursing mine til 15 months... But I am in the minority of people I know. I don't know why so many of the young generation think it's "gross" - it is by far the best thing for baby, not too mention a great bonding experience, and convenient too :)