Thursday, October 14, 2010

The masterpiece.

Last night, Liza and I drove to Columbus for Cooper's Closet, a consignment sale event.  I had high hopes for some great deals after hearing my sister talk about the great consignment sales in Tallahassee.  It wasn't as large as I anticipated but Liza wasn't super happy so I quickly made my rounds and finished my shopping in 30 minutes.  I bought 2 cute longalls and a pair of pajamas for Henry.  Liza got her smocked Christmas dress and a pair of shoes to wear in a few years.  All very cute and very reasonably priced.

After I quickly looked through the clothing racks, I made my way to the toy section.  Can we say it looked like Fisher-Price vomited all over that corner of the store?  I was scanning up and down the tables hoping I could find at least one wooden or non-noise making toy to take home with me.  I was just about to give up when I found the deal that made the whole trip of Liza crying non-stop in the car there and back all worthwhile.

 A big plastic tub of well-loved wooden blocks.  
Exactly what I intended on buying Henry for Christmas.
And, only $10!                              

To say that Taylor was excited is an understatement.
He immediately began organizing the blocks to see what he had to work with.  

The masterpiece
every single block.
Henry was pretty proud to have his
trains incorporated into the design.


TheSandersFamily said...

WOW! you did score! That is a ton of blocks! Who was more excited? Taylor or Henry? ;)

Anonymous said...

Would Frank's little old cowboy boots fit Henry?


TheDearmanFamily said...

Mandi, I know! It's a ton of blocks but Taylor is real sad because some are missing...not sure how he knows that.

Mama, the cowboy boots and his firetruck boots fit but they piss him off after wearing them for about 5 minutes. I'm still working on it.