Sunday, October 10, 2010

My thoughts.

We went to the 5th annual Starktoberfest party yesterday.  
Taylor certainly had his fill of bratwurst and sauerkraut and
we both enjoyed visiting with friends.
This was our 3rd year to attend.
Year 1- new baby
Year 2- toddler
Year 3- new baby and a toddler
We steered Henry clear of cheesy products but
we let him eat 2 brownies prepared from a box mix.
Eczema this morning.
Will we ever learn our lesson?
I really like my sister's idea of taking pictures of 
crazy things we see 
living in a college town.
It gets ridiculous.
We grocery shopped as a family of 4 this morning.
Taylor was sweet.
He never once rushed me as I compared labels and prices.
I was sweet.
I didn't make a fuss when Taylor insisted we do the self check-out lane.
Hate that lane.
Why should we do all the work?
The changing of the seasons makes me a little crazy.
There are various piles of children's clothing all over our house.
Am I ready for winter?
Liza almost giggled this morning.
I'm definitely ready for that!
Henry LOVED what I cooked for dinner tonight!
He kept asking for more.
That is a very big deal.

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