Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I breastfeed:

It is the food nature intended for my baby.

Breastfeeding is a time for me to sit down, relax and enjoy my not-so-newborn baby.

No bottles or pump parts to clean and sanitize.

My baby l.o.v.e.s. her mama's milk.

At three months old, Liza already knows what the unclicking of the nursing bra means.  

Breastfed babies are physically incapable of overeating. 
 A good thing when you live in the fattest state in the country.

It makes me feel good to know I am providing my babies with the best nutritional start in life.  
Maybe this 'good start' compensates for days when Henry only eats bread.

Scientists still do not fully understand all components of breastmilk.  
It is amazing stuff that can not be perfectly duplicated.

Breastfeeding bonds me even closer to my babies.
I am truly Liza's everything.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, amazing post! I breastfeed b/c I can't produce enough formula ;)

TheSandersFamily said...

Beautiful post and even more beautiful picture! LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I did it until 15 months!! And am so surprised by the people that don't try or give up right away. Yes it was hard for a couple of weeks when I got really bad mastitis, but I kept on... And I didn't have to pump because I stay home, which is a good thing because I hated that thing - but I truly admire those that go back to work and pump so that their baby only gets breast milk :) And you definitely can't replace the bonding aspect!

childsplay said...

Very nice Laura! I'm so glad that you a wonderful example and resource for me while nursing Martha. That pumping and cleaning bottles is a b***ch while working for sure but well worth it knowing that my baby ate the best she could during her first year! (and I breastfed b/c my cabinets were too big - ha)

Profe said...

such a beautiful picture, laura!

TheDearmanFamily said...

Thanks yall!

And yes, I totally admire working women that pump for their baby. As a teacher, I can't imagine how that would have fit into my schedule. I'm thankful to be with me babies and not have to worry about pumping, supply and dealing with bottles. Good thing since Hen never took a bottle and I haven't pumped once with Liza.

Heather said...

Gorgeous picture! I love being able to stay home and nurse Jones without worrying about a pump. I admire those who do it!!