Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He is feeling better!

Henry is feeling much better today!
He still thinks he needs his "Myna" video but he is actually playing with toys today 
instead of lying listlessly on the couch.  

Thank you, makers of children's Tylenol for perking up my baby!

At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, I noticed Henry had drainage in his right ear.  I'd suspected an ear infection because he was holding his head in a funny way but I knew my suspcicions were confirmed when I saw dark brown drainage.  Luckily, there was an open appointment an hour later at the pediatric clinic so Henry got his first dose of antibiotics before bedtime.  Henry hasn't been at 100% for several days now so I feel like we did a good job of giving his body a chance to fight the infection without antibiotics.

This winter's stats:
Winter 1
Henry 0

I knew he needed a doctor asap so we didn't wait a day until his Pediatric Nurse Practicitioner had an opening in her schedule.  Yesterday's appointment with a Pediatrician reminded me just how much I love the medical care he gets from our PNP. 

While I found him very nice and knowledgable the Pediatrician breezed in, checked his ears, wrote the prescription, explained nothing until I asked what each medication was and it's intended purpose and then breezed right out again.  The speed of this appointment took me by surprise because I am so accustomed to Ms. Ellen, our PNP.  She chats with Henry and ask about how our little life is going.  She takes her time and uses sweet words to coax Henry into cooperating with the exam. She explains what she thinks the issue is and listens to my opinion on the matter.  I feel that she respects my internet research and she has told me on more than one occasion that a mother's intuition is something that always needs to be listened to.  In other words, I leave the office feeling like she cares about my child and his well-being and not like we were just another name on her clipboard.

This appointment got me thinking:

Like normal childbirth, an ear infection is not a medical emergency.
Like normal childbirth, diagnosing an ear infection
doesn't require 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency.
As with childbirth, it is nice to have a care provider that remembers your name and your history.

Nurse practitioner care + Midwifery care = patient centered model of care

I feel very lucky that my family is blessed to have caring medical providers that believe in
patient centered model of care.

And I am very glad my little man is feeling better!!!


Pops said...

I am sorry our little man has been feeling bad. I hope he bounces back quickly.

The Brown's said...

i know how you feel about the physicians....
next time you opt do for an MD...two words, "West Point."
besides the great medical care, i've never seen a pediatrician hug and snuggle a baby or kiss one on the forehead, and get 'ga-ga' at each visit, or visit us (on two occasions) in the hospital on his day off. nor have i had an OB remember my name outside of the clinic and ask me at each visit: "so, what do you want to talk about today?" i could go on for days :)

so glad he's feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's give a shout out to Mama for saying take that boy to the MD or PNP. Ear drainage is not good and a portal to infection needs antibiotics. Also, that boy was sick, sick, sick.