Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I need slow down and enjoy these babies.
When else will they be almost 3 months and almost 27 months old?

Enjoy these first real interactions.

Stop and be thankful 
that Henry didn't bite Liza,
as he nibbled her hand.
Too bad Landon and Tripp weren't so lucky.

My new goal is to slow down.
Stop rushing.
I need to enjoy these small moments with my sweet little babies.


The Greaby Family said...

I love that last pic Laura! He loves his baby sister! (nice childproofing on the outlet btw ;) )

Laura said...

Like that duct tape? It was the best alternative to an outlet dangling out of the wall that sparked while in use....

The Callaways said...

She looks just like you in the last pic! Precious!!

theelliottfamily said...

Could Liza look anymore like you?? Doubt it.