Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I think she liked it.

Last week, I devoted a few hours of naptime to learning the 
secure high back carry 
with the 

I watched youtube videos demonstrating the carry 
over and over again.

I practiced... 
tying the carrier while watching the videos, 
    tying the carrier without watching the videos,
 in front of a mirror,
without a mirror,
using a stuffed animal in lieu of Liza and
finally wrapping my sweet little girl to my back.

In other words, 
I practiced a lot.

Later that evening with Liza securely tied to my back
we walked to a Halloween event on campus,
milled around and
walked back.
Probably a mile of total walking.

It was chilly outside but I don't think this girl was cold.

Judging by this picture from when we got home,
I think she was quite content with her piggy back ride.


Claudia said...

The first pic is not showing up :(

TheDearmanFamily said...

Thanks, Claud!