Saturday, November 20, 2010

safely, responsibly, non-messy manner.

thinking about how the first time I heard about homebirth was when
the 1st Duggar grandbaby was born at home.

That baby was born at home in October 2009.

The concept of giving birth at home seemed

A little less than a year later,
our little Liza was born
and in a non-messy manner
in our home.

Why did we choose homebirth for our daughter when not so long ago
the concept seemed so foreign and crazy?

 I knew I could do it.  And, bravery has nothing to do with it.
If millions of women all over the world could have babies without drugs, why couldn't I?

hospitals = hospital grade germs = paranoid mama

My Dr. Google degree in the process of normal birth taught me that my body is designed to give birth.
Why mess with nature?
Sorry, Hen Hen.  If only we'd realized this for your birth.

I didn't want to be included in the 35% of Mississippi women who give birth via c-section.
1 hour of pain as my body pushed my baby out or recovery from major abdominal surgery?

Midwifes are trained to identify and deal with problems before they become emergencies.

Midwifes "catch" babies.  Mamas "deliver" babies.

If I am so cautious as to give up my morning coffee while pregnant and
suffer through headaches without Tylenol or Advil,
why do I want narcotics during delivery?
Once again, sorry about that, Hen Hen.

And, the question of the night is...........

Why wouldn't I want to labor, give birth and recover in the comfort of my own home
if I have a normal pregnancy?

Ding.  Ding.  Ding.
We have a winner, folks.

There is no reason why you can't labor, give birth and recover in the comfort of your own home
if you have a normal pregnancy.

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TheSandersFamily said...

I liked that mamabirth post, too! I was even starting a blog post on it but have yet to have a moment to finish mine. Crazy ol' dirty hippies...huggin' trees and birthing babies at home ;)