Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010.

This Thanksgiving, I am.....

Thankful for my sister and her little family.
Martha and Henry are 6 months apart and better buddies each time we are together.

Thankful for Hen Hen and loving that he can wear a handtowel
like a big person wears a bathtowel.

Thankful for Martha and that at least one kid in the family is an eater.

Thankful that Henry finally woke up from his nap so we could eat Thanksgiving dinner.
Not so thankful that he pitched a fit for butter the entire duration of dinner.

Thankful for lots of of Thanksgiving themed food.
Thankful my mama gave us Thanksgiving presents.
A new tradition, perhaps?

Thankful for my father finally looking at the camera.

Thankful for YaYa helping Henry eat his GoGurt.

Thankful for sweet little Liza and her sweet little ways.

I am also thankful for Taylor.

I am not so thankful for poor lighting in the all of the above pictures.....

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