Monday, November 15, 2010

How to be sick:

How to be sick,
Henry style:

Get a horrible night's sleep because you are crying for 'Dada' nonstop.

Wake up for the day at the butt crack of dawn.

 Have a runny nose but fight mama when she tries to gently wipe off your snot.

Have a fever but fight mama when she tries to give you Motrin.
And, mama simply does not have enough arms to force the medicine in your mouth.

Barely even get excited when you get to watch your Mickey Mouse dvd's.

Not even notice when the episode changes from the 'choo choo' show.
He must be sick.  He loves that choo choo.

Refuse to go to your bed for a nap.

Fall asleep on the couch for little cat naps.
First time this has ever happened, folks!

Tote around a piece of bread but don't even nibble on it.

Drink lots and lots of water.

Cling to your cup like it is your feel-good drug.

Sleep very fitfully on the couch with lots of different poses.

Fall asleep standing up.


Hen Hen needs your feel good prayers!
We'll be at the doctor tomorrow if he isn't feeling better.


Rebecca said...

poor thing! sending some healing powers your way:)

The Greaby Family said...

Poor Hen! He must be one sick bug. I hope he is feeling a little better.....

Anonymous said...

Hugs!!! Feel better quick, Hen!!dd

TheDearmanFamily said...

I'll make sure I pass your well wishes on to Henry. He is feeling MUCH better after he agreed to drink Tylenol straight from the bottle. He was chatting and asking for food within 10 minutes. I should have thought of that compromise 6 hours ago....

Buffy said...

Poor little guy looks so rest-less! HUGS to Henry! Get better soon.