Sunday, November 7, 2010

three months on the outside.

At 3 months old, Liza loves.....

  • smiling whenever you catch her eye.  She melts into a gooey little baby puddle with each smile.
  • watching her big brother.  Who needs toys when you have that kid to watch?
  • hanging out on the table in her bouncy seat watching her little family do it's thing.
  • napping in her swing during the day.  She much prefers napping at home than napping on the go.
  • batting and grabbing the dangling toys on her playmat.
  • going to bed around 7pm and waking up at least twice, sometimes more, a night.
  • takes baths.  She is our little water baby!
  • wearing a dry diaper.  A new diaper is guaranteed to perk her up.
  • cooing.  I have a feeling this girl is going to be a talker.  She love to carry on a conversation.
  • getting compliments about how cute she is and her great hairdo.
  • nursing.  It's her #1 hobby.
  • her miracle blanket.  Best.swaddle.ever.

Liza is not a fan of....
  • her carseat and car rides.  Each car ride begins with screaming and ends up with sad little sobs.
  • being worn when she is wide awake.  I hope this is a passing phase.

At 3 months old, Liza is still a very content baby.  If she gets mad, she is mad but the vast majority of the time she is very happy to watch the world around her.  A part of me wants to credit her sweet little nature to her gentle entrance in this world but who knows.....all I know for certain is that she is a sweet sweet little girl and I feel so privileged to be her mother and fulltime caretaker.

Was she ever really this small?


Joanie said...

Lola is much the same in that she's normally very good-tempered, but when she's mad she's MAD. It's amazing how fast the time goes.

Bethany said...

I have a water baby too. Oh, how he would've loved his water birth had that of all worked out! Love that picture. She's so tiny!