Tuesday, November 2, 2010

how to do halloween, by henry.

Nice gourd.

I like that supergroovy dreamcatcher, dude.

And yes, he wore that knife in it's sheath all night long.

Give peace a chance, man.

"Henry, show me your boots."
He was a bit confused.

None of those fancy Elmo stencils around this house.

These were dad's cowboy boots when he was a baby.
And, Henry's room was my dad's room growing up.

Groovy, huh?

Daddy, he wore those boots all night long! 
He definitely enjoyed stomping around inside on the wood floors.

My raw foodie on the way to the kitchen with the pumpkin seeds to roast.

On the way to a Halloween party at a friend's house!

We are a family.

Hope you had a groovey Halloween, man.

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Claudia said...

Love, love, love your groovy family pic and that Henry is wearing your dad's old boots! That's awesome!