Tuesday, November 16, 2010

afternoon in the cemetery.

I have many childhood memories of visits to my grandmother's house and walking through this cemetery, reading tombstones and visiting my grandfather's grave.  Never once did it  seem odd to enjoy time in the cemetery as a child and I want our kids to grow up with the same affection for 
this lovely green space just across the street from our house.

That is our hickory tree in the front yard of our house.
Taylor brags every autumn that we have the prettiest tree in the neighborhood.
I'm pretty sure he is right.

Hunting for dwarf chocolate in the big rock pile.

Nothing is official in Henry's eyes until his Dada checks it out and talks about it with him.
It was confirmed.  That is dwarf chocolate.

After playing in the rocks, we always walk over to my family's plot where 
my grandmother, grandfather and my grandfather's first wife are buried.  
We talk to Henry about his great-grandparents and
 how special it is that his middle name is in honor of this side of our family.
  He likes to place rocks on the gravestones and on the plot's name stone.

Pretty sure that the sight of her great-grandson playing on her gravestone 
makes my grandmother smile down from heaven.

Who couldn't help but smile down on this sweet little face?

It's hard work smiling so sweetly for the camera so Liza needed a little snooze in the sling.

A walk to the cemetery isn't complete until Henry slides down the "biiiiig" hill on his bottom down to the sidewalk.  I missed that photo-op but will do better next time.

In the meanwhile, let's all make a point to get outside and enjoy our green spaces!


Rebecca said...

is hen hen feeling better? how do you get your pictures to be sooo big?

TheDearmanFamily said...

Rebecca, he is feeling a little better! He is happy to chug Tylenol from the bottle so he is feeling perkier, at least.

I messed with the settings and chose a new layout and it updated my blogger to include a better upload of pics and a different options with the pictures. does that make sense?

Laurin said...

I also have great memories of playing in a cemetary. My grandmother's home was an old house on a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a church with a cemetary. we spent many hours playing on head stones, reading the old names, and figuring out how old the people were when they died. Most of the people buried there were of some relation to me. I distinctly remember feeling sad for the babies who died years before their parents and the soldiers who were just kids when they gave their lives... I love that old cemetary and some of the people who were laid to rest there.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Laurin, ditto everything you just wrote. The babies and the young soldiers make me want to cry every time. I do love the old names thought!

Rebecca said...

I've always loved old cemetaries too. I find it very peaceful.

Kristi said...

I love the picture of Liza, she's too adorable! And the picture of Hen's shadow on the gravestone was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I love the shadow of Hen on the gravestone! I have always loved graveyard and imagining the people!! dd