Monday, November 29, 2010


They look so sweet laying together on Liza's playmat.
Absolutely precious.

I took this picture thinking that Henry is 
the best two-year-old big brother
a baby girl could have.

3 minutes later,
he proved me wrong.

If you are familiar with my house,
my babies were laying on the floor in front of the red leather chair in the living room;
out of my sight when I'm in the kitchen.

I took this sweet picture and then stepped into the kitchen to finish wiping off the counters.
We don't have much counter space. 
I wasn't gone for long.
I peeked around the corner when I heard Henry dancing around saying,
"Hen Hen did it, Hen Hen did it."

I asked him what he did.
He jabbered his usual jabber, pointed to his mouth and then to Liza's mouth.

My stomach sank to the floor.

I asked him to show me what he did.
He pretended to grab something off the floor and put it in Liza's mouth.

My stomach, heart and spleen sank to the floor.

I grabbed our precious, innocent little girl off the mat
and swept out her mouth with my finger.
Out came a piece of waxed paper packaging 
that Henry had gotten out of my dirt pile when I had swept a few hours earlier.

She gagged.

This time, I did the finger sweep down her throat.
Out came a second piece of waxed paper packaging.

A third finger sweep reassured me that I had gotten every piece out of her mouth and throat.

It was scary.
Very very scary.

This happened a few hours ago and my heart is still beating fast at the possibilities.

What if he hadn't been so proud to have shoved that paper in her mouth?
What if it had been a bead rather than a piece of waxed paper?
What if it had been a piece of plastic bag that doesn't come out with the finger sweep?

What if?
What if?
What if?

I'm still freaking out a little bit, if you can't tell....


Holly Claire Bigness said...

Wow, my heart is in my throat just reading that. I am so glad Liza is ok!!!
Also, I have some wonderful news: I am 5 weeks pregnant :) Yay!!!
I am currently battling our insurance company to cover Midwifery prenatal care and delivery. They do not usually cover Midwives at all. They are not being cooperative and I am not taking no for an answer... I will keep you posted.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Holly Claire, woo hoo!!!!!

Pops said...

I know that is scary. But that is the nature of little ones. Caine used to stick stuff (like bobby pins and paper clips) into electrical receptacles. Fire would shoot out sometimes. Now it is funny but back then it wasn't. I'm thankful you were close enough to catch it and act quickly.

childsplay said...

that is so scary...glad you acted quickly and ya'll and that picture of your babies smiling you just posted is the cutest ever...lisha looks almost grown with that toothless grin!

Becky said...

Let that be a lesson to you: That is what happens when you try to clean your house! LOL!!! Just kidding! I'm relieved everything turned out OK!!

Jude and Alisha said...

That is kinda scary - I'm so glad everything's fine though.

Anonymous said...

Need to keep testing my blog. Not working as I want it to yet. Thx for the theme. Maybe this will get mine to look better..