Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Storm 2011 - Round II

This winter weather has been on the insane side for the past few months.
I'm accustomed to cold spells followed by warm spells.
But, snow like this on Thursday and t-shirt weather on Sunday is taking it to a whole new level....

I was pretty sad when I forgot to take a picture of our snow covered house after Winter Storm 2011.
Who knew we would have a repeat performance?

3 inches of perfect powdery snow!

Henry played his little hiney off wearing several layers of wool longies to keep him dry and warm.
I bought these well-loved bellbottomed longies off Ebay for $3.
If they look this cute on Henry, I can't wait to see little Liza running around in them!

Our green space was a white space!

No snowday is complete without breakfast at City Bagel.
And no snowday visit to City Bagel is complete without Henry battling Taylor about putting his warm clothes back on after we finish eating.

What about the baby?  Where is she?
Exactly where she needs to be!

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Taylor Dearman said...

Fun!!! Snow, come again!!!