Wednesday, February 9, 2011

attitude. reaction. patience.

I've mentioned before that I mentally write most of my blog posts way before I have a few quiet minutes to sit at my laptop.  If there are pictures involved, I usually know what I am going to write as soon as I take the lens cap off my camera before the first picture is even snapped.  

But, this morning was different.  Liza sitting so sweetly in her Dada built pillow castle and Henry, of course, wanting to join her fun.  I get my camera off the buffet table and immediately being thinking about how to compose this post about my sweet children.  I snap picture after picture with my fixed lens, my hands busy focusing the lens, my body busy leaning in for the perfect picture and my mind busy writing a blog post.

But this morning, I struggled.  Struggled to think of sweet things to say about my little boy.  I would take a picture of him holding Liza's hand.  Sweet, right?  His initial intentions were sweet.  But, what about when he insists on walking behind her pillows still holding her hand as she screams at the top of her lungs.  Not so sweet.

Big brother hugging baby sister.  Sweet, right?  The hug quickly devolved into a tackle.

Beautiful little face.  Sweet, right?  This was a shining moment between tears because Henry was playing so rough.

So.  I look at these pictures and I see so many things:  The beautiful.  The irritating.  The wonderful.  The lack of sleep.  The sweet budding sibling relationship.  The defiance.  The hair that needs cutting.  The sweet little smiles.  The hysterical tears.  The.  The.  The.  

Then, I remind myself once again that this is my life and our little creations.  

His attitude is a reflection of my attitude.  His behavior is a reflection of my verbal and non-verbal reactions to his behavior.

So yeah.  The two-year-old is driving my crazy.  

God.  Please grant me a good attitude and positive reactions.  I'm needing help today.


Christine@Merf In Progress said...

She is so beautiful. Wow. Those *eyes*.

My 4 year old is too rough with my 5 month old, too. He is such a loving big brother, but he doesn't know when enough is enough. But his little brother forgives him so fast. I can learn something from that.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Thank you, Christine, for giving me something to think about. Point taken.

She is pretty cute, huh?!?

Profe said...

I'm granting you great patience and positivity.

Ashley said...

I could've written your post, word for word. After completely shunning her baby sister for months, my 2 year old has decided the baby is a wonderful "play mate", yet she doesn't understand the meaning of gentle. It's very frustrating.

Becky said...

When Nathan tests my patience, I have to take a step back and remind myself that he's only 2 and will not be this way forever.
As challenging as it is, try and soak it up as much as possible!

Cat said...

I'm so glad someone else writes blog post in their head when they are in the every day moments of life. i seem to do that ALL the time! in the car...the shower....when the kids are doing something new/sweet/funny. Oh, and your baby seriously one of the most beautiful baby girls i've EVER seen. and i don't just say that to people. :)

Tricia said...

That picture of Liza is amazing!

Jen said...

so real. so authentic. you are so awesome. and your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom. and vice versa. but i really enjoyed this post. it was so endearing. keep up the good work mom. and remember, one day at a time;)

Anonymous said...

I can so identify with this!! BK is the same as Henry! It still amazes me after each time K still looks for BK. K smiles the sweetest smile or tries to engage BK with laughter. Love the pic of many teeth now? DD

Laurin said...

I know how you feel! I want to just squoosh Liza's beautiful little face! Those eye lashes kill me.... I wish I had them!

Bethany said...

Great prayer at the end. I need to pray this about my six month old who has started throwing kicking, screaming hissy fits if we move him away from danger.

Anonymous said...

I think Kjell is in love....he smiles at every picture of Liza! dd