Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday!

6 things about Liza on her 6 month birthday:

1. Our baby girl is on the move.  Her mode of transportation?  Rolling.  And, yes, it's probably the cutest thing ever. Her newfound realization that she can move from point A to point B thrills her to no end.

2.  Liza was my bed buddy during a long weekend visit to my parents without Taylor and it was one of the highlights of the trip.  She is a serious snuggler and doesn't budge an inch in her sleep.  Taylor seemed a bit worried that she has usurped his place in  our bed but I told him not to worry.  I still prefer my babies to sleep in their own room but it makes playing like a single mom a bit easier with a warm little body in my bed.

3. Baby Girl fits perfectly in size 3-6 month clothing and has sweet little chubbers on her thighs.  I have no idea how much she weighs but I am ready to laugh my hiney off if she has dropped to the 5% in weight like Big Brother at 6 months.  She seems chubby to me but so did Henry.....

4. Speaking of Big Brother, Liza is obsessed with Henry's every move.  Her emotions range from elation when he looks her way to total devastation when he fusses about how she grabs his books and toys out of his hands.  Their big brother/little sister relationship is already clearly defined.

5. She loves loves loves attention.  Fussing is quickly remedied by a smile her way and a quick little song.  She's easy like that.

6. So yeah.  I love her.  She's my baby and I think she is pretty fantastic and the cutest baby in the world.  But, I also have her pregnancy and homebirth to thank for teaching me the importance of natural childbirth and the right of all women to have a fulfilling and transformative birth experience.


Becky said...

Happy half birthday Sweet Liza!!! Kisses to you, your mama and your bubba!!

Rebecca said...

Happy 6 months precious girl!

Rebecca said...

no way is she 6 months! crazy!