Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've been getting the same two questions over and over again concerning our little girl:

1. How is she sleeping?
Ummm, she's not.

You might remember I'm not worried about the fact that she doesn't sleep well at night.  She is a baby and that is what babies do, or rather what babies don't do.  So yeah.  She hates to sleep at night.  It might irritate me in the middle of the night when I prefer to sleep but once the sun is shining, I am fine knowing that interrupted nights are a fact of life with small children.

2.  Is she eating solids yet?
Ehhh, not really.

After dealing with Henry's aversion to solid food, oral defensiveness and all-around control freak behavior, I had a lot of emotions and thoughts to sort out before giving Liza any solid food.  Thankfully my friend, Google, is there to hold my hand and teach me new things..... even if I feel like Google failed me during Henry's infancy -- how did I not know about baby led weaning (BLW)?  In a nutshell, BLW calls for skipping the rice cereal and purees and going straight to finger foods that babies feed themselves, i.e. avocado, a whole steamed carrot, butternut squash chunks, etc.  Not only is BLW perfect for little control freaks that hate foody spoons coming their way, it is also perfectly adaptable as a gateway to table food once baby no longer likes runny purees.  

So yeah.  I really do think we could have avoided Henry's hatred of all foods solid if we had put the ball in his court from the get-go.  After all, his first real food was homemade red beans and rice while sitting on a favorite blanket.

But, this post is about Liza.  Is she eating solids yet?  My plan has been to wait until she truly shows interest in solids before making them a regular part of her life.  After all, breastmilk is all she really needs and at almost 16 pounds, her mama's milk is treating her just fine.  

Yesterday at the park in the middle of an in-depth conversation with Alisha and Mandi about BLW and how to teach our kids healthy eating habits, Liza grabbed Henry's peanut butter and jelly sandwich off  the blanket and proceeded to eat half of it without me even realizing what she was doing.

So yeah.  I think she is ready for solids.

Is it bad to wish she wasn't ready because I don't want to clean up after another messy eater?

It's not bad of me?
I'm glad to hear.


Rebecca said...

I'm a huge fan of blw. I really wanted to do it with James and skip the whole baby food stage, but he wants to eat so bad! He squeals with delight any time he's in the high chair even if it's just because I put him there with a toy to get him out of the way while I unload the dishwasher. Also, he leans over with his little mouth wide open anytime anyone around him has food. Good luck with Liza!

Btw, he doesn't sleep through the night. Ally did at 12 weeks and never looked back. James is totally not interested, but I don't mind. It's the only time it's just the two of us and while I dread actually getting out of bed, I cherish those quiet moments.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Rebecca, you are sweet. You would enjoy rocking and nursing in the middle of the night. I am fine thinking about getting up during the day but my attitude goes sour in the middle of the night.

Aspiring Earth Mama said...

I am amazed at how witty you can still be when sleep deprived. :) We have big eating issues with my oldest... do you have any blogs that talk about how you handle it with Henry?

Mollyandollie said...

I soooo enjoyed this post! I have been blessed with a voracious eater who like little James was totally into it from the getgo. It sounds like your sweet Liza is gonna be one of those too! I love that she chose peanut butter as her first...I think that would have put me in a tailspin. I'd never heard of the BLW before...I just did food if you know what I mean. I'll have to look it up before number two! Oliver didn't sleep through the night until after a year. I finally started having Dave do the nightimes after I just couldn't do the wake ups anymore. Oh, and there's no shame in wanting them to go back...I've done the celebratory milestone dance while tearing up with sadness numerous times!!

Laura said...

Elizabeth, I try hard to be funny :) It just takes a little longer to think of what to type when I'm tired. Henry was so little when he hated food but he seriously hated it with every bone in his body. We did things like smearing purees on his naked body and the like.

Molly, I know! It didn't even worry me when I realized she was eating peanut butter because I immediately thought that if she is allergic at least I have an Epi Pen Jr. in my purse.

I need to give her some more food because she really enjoyed her little sandwich but I *really* don't want to start cleaning that highchair again.

Laurin said...

ha ha.. I was going to say at least you can check off the peanut allergy! I was/am very paranoid about food allergies. I have never heard of BLW either... you're always full of info that's new to me!

Becky said...

I had the same thought as Laurin! At least you know she doesn't have a peanut allergy! Sweet Little Liza just wants to be like her big bubba!! Nathan was like James and Liza ... he wanted to jump in head first into people food. I'm assuming BGL will be the same way, but am open to BLW with her if that's her preference.

Mandi said...

You know you're just delaying the inevitable with regards to a messy high chair ;)

I love blw as you know. It just makes sense and is actually so much easier! Plus, you'll see quickly that she won't be as messy as you think and will feed herself quite efficiently. Both of mine were also feeding themselves with a spoon/fork much, much earlier than most kiddos we know. It gives them their own independence and control over their food choices. I feel like blw sets the tone for healthy eating choices for life.