Thursday, February 24, 2011

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The kids and I daytripped to Jackson yesterday with a friend and her kids to represent Mississippi Friends of Midwives at our state capitol.  The battle to regulate midwifery and legally sanction homebirth in Mississippi is still going strong thanks to the dedicated women with MFoM.  Seriously.  Dedicated.  I was quite disappointed in our senator when he chose to go home post-lunch even though he knew very well he had constituents waiting for a visit.  Yet, some good connections were made during our visit and we thoroughly enjoyed our day in politics.

A the capitol, Liza spent in the Ergo.  She loved it.  Henry spent acting as Mandi's middle son and riding in her stroller.  He loved it.  Good day?  Yes.  Long and tiring day?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Liza didn't wake up last night until 3am.  Maybe we should drive to Jackson and back more often if it means I get longer stretches of sleep.

Henry's speech is showing drastic improvements after only 2 sessions of speech therapy.  His therapist was absolutely correct when she said after he makes the final sound on a few words, it will transfer to other words.  He continues to amaze me in his newfound willingness to attempt entire words....and the pride on his face when the proper sounds come out is one of the best things in my world! 

After speech this morning, we visited with friends at a "feeding the neighbor's  horse" playdate.  Henry was thrilled to see a horse up close and personal even though he ate the unwashed, unpeeled carrot we specially reserved for the horse.  The kid even ate the carrot top.  Strange.

Henry still refuses to say "horse".  "Huh huh" it remains.  


I officially conquered my fear of dough and finally started baking my own bread.  I am pleased to announced Henry's addiction to "baba" is no more.  Hallelujah.  Apparently, he thinks Sara Lee bakes better bread than his mama. I'm just fine with that since he longer begs and whines for bread all day long.

My bread baking skills are improving with time.  I really like the recipe I'm using but I want to experiment with making it a more nutty, wholesome bread.  You know.  More like Sara Lee and less like  Mama.


Can  you tell Liza likes bananas?

We were in a rush this morning and I grabbed a banana to eat in the car.  Um yeah.  The girl went crazy.  She definitely thought the banana was for her.  So, I slowed down.  Adjusted priorities.  And, gave the girl some banana.  

I'm not so sure she is actually "eating" her food yet.  She likes to pick up food chunks and put it in her mouth and she obkviously likes the new flavors but I'm not positive that the food is going down the gullet.  But, that's okay.  She will figure it out on her own time.  Remember?  She doesn't actually need the food.  She just wants it.  Trust me.  She wants it bad.

The end.


TheSandersFamily said...

I love my adopted son! Will got a kick out of it when I told him about my little sidekick.

And I'm so glad you went. When I talked to our Senator today, he was quite disappointed we didn't get to meet him. He thought after he spoke with Joeann and crew, that they were it for the day. He's been really, really awesome and getting us info he doesn't have to, so I *guess* I will forgive him ;)

bianca t wooden said...

Thanks for making the trip to Jackson. It is so exhausting, but exciting at the same time. I wish we had been there on the same day.

Kristy said...

Did the horse feeding occur out at Bellaire Estates?

Kristy said...

b/c my husband talked about going to see the horse (we live in that neighborhood & visit regularly) today & seeing a number of other kids/moms & letting Logan have a carrot to feed too...and also being told that he was standing in an ant bed! (so if you were not in that bunch, that is too much of a coincidence!), yeh, that was my wild child and husband

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Kristy, how funny! My friend, Kristy, lives in that neighborhood and we had a big group visiting the horse yesterday.

I saw Logan and didn't realize who he was but immediately knew that he and Henry were the same age.

Kristy said...

Ok - I need to meet the other Kristy that lives in my neighborhood!

maybe we can join you next time you come (I guess we meaning I since Adam & Logan did join by accident!)

Sarah and Phil said...

Not sure if you want to diversify your bread profile, but here's a recipe I tried once:

It's super easy and tasty--if you like crusty bread. I made mine with half whole wheat/half white flour so it was pretty dense.

Sarah and Phil said...

Not sure if you want to diversify your bread profile but here's a recipe I tried once:

It was super easy and tasty--if you like crusty bread. I made mine with half whole wheat and half white flour so it was pretty dense.

Taylor Dearman said...

Who is your Senator that went unnamed in the blogpost? He should be named