Tuesday, February 22, 2011

big day for my babies.

Henry started speech therapy last week and I certainly had a good laugh when I was told the results of his language and speech assesement.

Receptive language skills:
"off the chart"

Expressive language skills:
"2 years and 6 months" aka exactly how old he is!

We already knew the kid understands everything we say so the fact that his receptive language skills are way above age level was not a surprise at all.  But, I was so pleasantly surprised to hear he is right on target with his expressive language skills.  Although, considering the way his sentence structure has exploded over the past few weeks I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising.  The therapist agreed that even though he is age-appropriate, his oral language skills have consistent gaps that are not showing improvement on their own.  Henry was approved for 6 speech sessions and then we will decide if more help is needed.


As Henry napped yesterday, I wiped down the highchair and mushed some avocado for Liza to try on her own.  Ummm, yeah.  She loved it.  

*** insert precious picture of my baby covered in avocado that I didn't take because my SD card was full and the camera battery was dead***

When Taylor got home from work, I put her in the high chair to show him how cute and proud she is to sit in her big girl seat.  Her joy quickly turned to sadness when she realized her tray wasn't covered in avocado, so we had a repeat performance and it was just as successful.  This morning, Taylor fed her bits of banana and of course, she loved it!


In addition to:
waking up at 5am
grocery shopping at 6am
speech therapy at 9am
playing at the park from 10am-12:30pm
feeding Liza her first foods, convincing her to nap, baking bread and cookies and preparing supper for a friend from 1-5pm
visiting with said friend and her precious newborn at 5pm
hanging out with my mama friends sans children at 8pm ..................

I also learned that Henry is not speech delayed and Liza officially likes food!
We can scratch two major anxieties off my list.

Can you tell yesterday was a big day?


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Yay for good news! And thanks for dinner!

Becky said...

What a great day!!! And you will have to reenact the first avacado experience when your camera is handy!

Rebecca said...

Way to go babies! And you were super busy. I'm tired just reading your day.

Laurin said...

That is great about Henry's speech and I am so happy that LIza likes food! :) I know that was a major stressor for you.