Monday, January 10, 2011


Did you hear?

WINTER STORM 2011 has reached the Deep South!

Woo hoo!

My boys, big and small, couldn't be happier.

I, on the other hand, am simply glad Taylor is home from work so I can continue to recover from 
my bout of assumed food poisoning.

It was bad.
Real bad.

I finally stopped puking after 6 hours on Saturday night and all I could think was how Liza's labor and delivery lasted 5 hours and was less painful and intense than what I had just experienced.....
and I didn't even get to hold a sweet baby after all was said and done.

Today, I am thankful to be a functional human
 thankful for SNOW in Mississippi!

Or, according to Henry,

I asked Henry if snow was cold.  He said no.
I asked Henry is snow was wet.  He said no.

So, what it is?

I suppose when you have a daddy like Taylor, he is going to make sure you don't feel 
wet or cold.

Lucky lucky boy!


Tammy said...

How fun!! He's so cute!! Glad you are feeling better!

LT (and Max) said...

precious precious pictures of henry!

TheSandersFamily said...

Boo about the food poisoning or do you think it's that vicious stomach virus that's been circling for weeks now??? Either way GLAD you're feeling better. It's horrible being a sick, puking mama.

Enjoy the snow! Maybe our hubbies' will get tomorrow off too?!

Becky!!! said...

Super cute pics of Henry!! Did Taylor take Liza out in the snow too?? And one benefit to food poisoning ... it's a great way to lose a few pounds (not that you need to though!).

TheDearmanFamily said...

I need to compliment Taylor for the cute pics of Henry playing in the snow yesterday. He did a very nice job.

Mandi, pretty sure it was food poisoning. According to our doctor friend -- violent stomach issues all of a sudden that only last 4-6 hours. Exactly what I had. If this is a bug that is going around, I pity those poor people.

Becky, we took Liza out this morning. She has been napping for 2 hours. It wore her out! And, I feel skinnier...which I don't like.