Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mississippi Children's Museum

I am so very very impressed with the new Mississippi Children's Museum.

Henry was definitely too young to get many of the exhibits but that didn't stop him from having a blast and really enjoying himself.

I'm really looking forward to future visits to the museum as the kids get older and will enjoy the exhibits in different ways.

Nice, huh?

I've raised this kid right.
We couldn't get him out of the produce stand!

Watching the big kids manipulate the streams of water.

Like that bedhead?
The kid needs a haircut.

Dada was right there at.all.times.
I'm pretty convinced he thought Henry was going to get lost and never show up again.

Alseep in the Babyhawk.

Taylor and I were both intrigued with the giant Scrabble board.
The kids?
Not so much.


But, the balls at the Monsanto farm was definitely Henry's favorite part of the museum.

And, just because she is cute and slept her way through the museum.


Kissey said...

boooooo, monsanto. ick.

Lacey said...

i think you are one of the cutest mommies ever! i miss seeing your sweet face. i will definitely need to consult you once i am pregnant! - Lacey (Cortez) Simpson

Tricia said...

I love the picture of Gender-neutral Liza- can you believe those lashes????

If you come across the code to center the header, definitely send it my way. Thanks friend!

Jen said...

I want to go!! Looks fabulous! Is it in Starkville?

TheSandersFamily said...

We need a "field trip" to the children's museum one day! I am really wanting to go and won't have a husband again until May.

But, yeah, BOO for the Monsanto gmo farm :P