Saturday, January 15, 2011

evolution of an early morning photo shoot.

I finally convinced Henry to participate in a photo shoot.
Who knew the promise of letting him look at the pictures on the camera was bribe enough?

I think I have some new favorite pictures of my little Rainbow Brite boy.

If 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' hadn't been repealed, I was going to send this kid to DC wearing these jammies.


I'm thinking about some big changes happening soon for this messy little blog of mine.

Blogger hates me these days and is less cooperative than a 2.5 year old getting his picture taken by his mama so the time is drawing near to move to WordPress and buy my own domain name.

Anybody moved a blog before?
I'm scared.
Very scared.

I'm also thinking about taking some sponsors.
I'm cheap.
Just ask Taylor.
He'll vouch for that a million times over.

If you are interested, send me an email.
WAHM business, Etsy shops, natural living......

My kids are getting bigger.
My house is getting messier.
My blog is getting busier.

I think I like it.
*Still waiting for those last 3 followers so we can have a contest.*
I know you are out there.
It's very noncommittal to follow this blog.
Just do it.


Jen said...

love this post! the pics of Hen Hen are precious. and good luck with the blog move! your blog is inspiring millions (well, maybe not quite yet millions but i have confidence that it will be millions one day). keep it up!

Laura said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Pretty sure I can always count on your for an ego boost!

Pops said...

Thanks for the great photos. I now have a new screensaver.