Monday, January 24, 2011

"do ha"

 Henry's Early Intervention  case manager came to our house last week for the initial interview to determine which services Henry needs.  He had a packet with lots of jargon that harkened back to my school teaching days.

I started the interview by telling Richard, the case manager, that Henry's only issue was enunciation.  The child knows every word under the sun and speaks in concise sentences.....but, he rarely pronounces words in the proper manner.

Richard watched Henry play and chit-chatted with him as he quizzed me on Henry's development since birth.  We talked about his stint in OT and how pleased we were with Henry's progress once a professional was brought in to help with his solid food aversion.

The hour long interview ended with Richard in total agreement with me -- the kid needs speech therapy.

 I am really excited at the prospect of helping Henry improve his oral language skills because even though we know what he is saying, it certainly sounds like jabber to most people.

A few examples:

"ho do" = hot dog
"hu hu" = horse
      "Ju" = Joan aka his best friend
     "Bu" = Pops
      "ba" = popcorn
      "bu" = bird
       "tr"  = tree
     "bea" = beans

Oh, don't forget.........."do ha".


Christine said...

"do ha", how precious! Henry is so lucky that his Mommy is paying attention and getting him early help.

Jen said...

That IS so wonderful for Henry! and I can't wait to be an OT so I can help cute little kiddos like yours;) Thanks for this post. I wish more Mamas were like you and took the time to see what proper help their children need. instead of ignoring it or being in denial about it. You rock, Laura!

Jude and Alisha said...

That sounds good - keep us posted on the progress.

Bethany said...

After reading this I've used "do ha" about 12 times myself. Keep us posted on progress!

Beth said...

How awesome the web is! I feel like we could be long lost friends (I was the only natural birth my Georgia dr.s had every seen!).

If you're still dealing with oral aversion, you should check out this website . It has a ton of information on feeding aversion, etc.

Good luck with it all.

Laura said...

Beth, that site would have been extremely helpful about 18 months ago. Thankfully he eats food just fine now. I am just glad we got to an OT while he was still small enough to quickly change his opinions on food or it would have been a harder row to hoe.