Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cloth Diaper Q&A #6 - How many diapers do I need?

Speaking from personal experience, you really don't need many diapers for one baby.

We started with 24 prefolds and 6 covers.
I washed diapers about every day and a half and this worked out just fine for us.

Then, Henry had 9 pockets and I used his prefolds as stuffers.
Still washed every day and a half.

Now, we have two kids in cloth -  36 prefolds with 5 covers, 10 pockets and 8 AIO's.
And, you guessed it.....I still wash about every day and a half.

My friend Alisha has 12 pocket diapers and she is perfectly satisfied with that number.

*Even if you have a massive amount of diapers, they still need to be washed every couple of days.  Ammonia from urine breaks down fibers and will eventually erode the quality of your diapers if they are left in the hamper for too long.*


How many diapers do you have?
Do you feel like you have the perfect number, too many or do you need more?

Please share!


Joshua and Bethany said...

After my most recent sales I am short on diapers. I have 5 SoftBums, 1 BG (which I don't really like), 1 HH, and 3 RaR. I'm having to wash every day- even with the fitteds and pre-folds a friend loaned me to try. This kid sails through diapers!

Bethany said...

Whoops- that's my old food blog up above! PS: Your kids are a-dorable.

Anonymous said...

I have 6 BG and 6 HH. I wish I had 6 more. I only have one baby though. I wash every other day.

TheSandersFamily said...

okay, I have too many diapers. But I am not washing that often...once every 3-4 days depending.
18 pfs
2 dozen fitteds
2 dozen pockets/aios

lots of wool/fleece longies/shorties/covers and 1 pul cover.

Plus, I have that big "for sale" pile that I need to do something with...

TheDearmanFamily said...

Yeah, I also have my "for sale" diapers that I'm not doing anything with at the moment and Henry's old M sized pockets that are still too big for Liza.

childsplay said...

Laura - is there a way you can setup a "for sale" board on your blog???

Jude and Alisha said...

Confession.. don't hate, now.

I use a disposable at night on Charlotte. I'll probably stop after that last bag of diapers is finished and use a double stuffed one.

And secondly, my mom just bought me two more - so now I have 14! Thanks for the shout-out anyway but even with 14 I'll still be washing every day and a half to two days probably.

Laura said...

Alisha, why would I hate? And, I'm glad you now have 14 diapers. Your mama is sweet!

Sweet like mama who pointed out the fact that she basically funded my diaper collection :)

TheSandersFamily said...

Alisha, I think we've all used a disposable a time or 2 or more ;) in our lifetime.

And yay for our moms! I know my mom has donated to my stash as well.

Imogen ( said...

i still use a 'sposie at night.

but our daytime stash is as follows -

1 itti bitti d'lish SIO
4 cushie tushies AIO
3 bumgenius v3's
3 fuzzibunz
1 baba + boo pocket
1 issy bear

<3 cloth :D going to venture into the world of wool soon i reckon...