Saturday, January 22, 2011

We have winners!

I used to choose 3 winners from the 29 entrants on my 100 followers contest.

I can't seem to make screen shots do quite right so you'll have to trust me.....

   #12 -- Rebecca
   #3 -- Heather
#25 -- Amber

Strangely enough, Heather was also a winner on my 50 followers contest. must think her kid is cute!

Winners, email me you the info you want on your address labels and I'll get them shipped to you soon!

Thanks for reading all about our messy messy life!


Rebecca said...

as in me...i never win anything! wooo-whoo! thanks laura!

Rebecca said...

ok, i see now there is another probably the other one huh:)

TheDearmanFamily said...

No. It's you, silly!

Heather said...

I feel so lucky! Yay! Thanks!