Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

On the occasion of Taylor's 29th birthday I compiled 29 reasons that make Taylor a fantastic man, husband and father.  The plan was to write a new list of 31 things about Taylor in honor of 31st birthday but after rereading these 29 reasons, I realize they can not be out done!  I added two more to make it age appropriate....

We love you, Taylor, and I'm glad you got snow on your birthday!


1.Taylor loves to read and learn new things more than anyone else I know.
2. He finds pleasure in extremely hard work. Just this morning, he called and said he was a having a great morning digging a ditch at a friend's house. And he meant it.  Last week, he had the best time digging post holes.
3. Even though I was rather rude in my insistence on sleeping a little later yesterday morning, he brought me a cup of coffee in bed and had breakfast ready when I woke up. How sweet is that?
4. He has beautiful long eyelashes.  And, our kids inherited them!
5. Last night, I thought his groans were directed at his unhappiness about not being able to sleep through Henry's coughing and crying bouts. But, no. He was groaning "in empathy for our sick baby." Too sweet.
6.He looks so cute driving his little red scooter around town.  He really loves me because he is planning on selling the upgraded Vespa!
7.His students would stop us while walking on campus to tell me what a great teacher he is.
8.He is passionate about so many topics -- astrology, Norse mythology, Mayan culture, linguistics, German, carpentry, growing peppers, Hinduism, etc.
9.I laughed at him when he was a freshman at Ole Miss for saying that he was going to learn German. He now has two degrees in the language and is completely fluent. Amazing.
10.The same year, I also laughed when he bought an electric guitar and said he was going to teach himself how to play. Now he is the best guitarist I know!
11.He always felt guilty if our dogs didn't go on a walk every single day. He really is a nicer person than I am.
12. He keeps all of our plants alive and thriving.
13. How many people do you know that can give a legitimate tarot card reading?
14.As our friend, Nikki, told me..."he really is a jack of all trades." In fact, he gave me my last two haircuts.
15.He is wonderful little brother to his two big brothers.
16.He calls his grandfather every week, always makes sure we go by his house for a visit, and reminds his brothers and cousin to give Big Daddy a call when they have the time.
17.One summer we ended up in a tiny French town where no one spoke English. Taylor ordered us lunch in French. And they understood him.
18. His Dutch got so good while living in Holland one summer, he was mistaken for a Dane. I do believe that was one of his proudest moments.
19.He really is carpenter and has all the tools to show it. Need carpentry work? Let me know.
20.His ancestors have a castle in Switzerland and he has visited it!
21.He falls more in love with our baby every single day!
22.Our cat has the best cat house in the world because Taylor was so worried about him being cold at night.
23. Our Greek friend, Maria, said that Taylor knows more about Greek mythology than most people in Greece.
24.He is still eating cayenne peppers that he grew in our garden this summer.
25.He is a good son. And his parents know it!
26.As mentioned in a previous post, he is a great skier. I am talking about the kind of skiing where you have to hike to the top of the peak because they didn't build any lift lines that high up.
27.He has a very particular way of holding a sandwich between his fingers. Oddly enough, it's the same way my sister holds a sandwich.
28.He knows all of my family's inside jokes and my parents love him like a son.
29. He is TAYLOR and I love him!
30. He is a great father to our daughter.  He is deeply worried  about Liza dating douche bags during her young adulthood and takes his goal to be a good example of a man very seriously.
31. Taylor's support of natural childbirth and the right for women to give birth at home touches me to my core.  He is also quite the lactivist, too!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

These are awesome! What a guy!

Jen said...

i LOVED this post! i cherish so many happy memories with Taylor in them. He is truly one heck of a guy. I'm so glad I know him. Happy *late* birthday, Taylor!!! Namaste!

Tara said...

haha! Our babies look the same and your husband has the same birthday as I do! You guys are like our cosmic Mississippi twinners! My DH just celebrated his birthday this week too. Hear hear for wonderful, loving and supportive husbands and fathers!