Friday, January 14, 2011

Cloth Diapers Q&A #4 - Where do you buy your diapers?

I live in Mississippi.
You are correct in assuming we do not have a local cloth diaper store.
If we did, I would support that fledgling little business and purchase diapers from that wonderful mama.
But, neither the store not the mama exists.

So, I buy from the internet.

There are a million and one online cloth stores.
My favorites are:
Kelly's Closet.

I bought my original newborn package and several covers from Nicki's over the past few years and I have been so pleased with their prices and extremely high level of customer service.

 Kelly's Closet has a huge selection and there is always a deal going on.  I like deals.

But, to know me is to know that I like buying gently used items at a deeply discounted price.
My feelings on buying used applies to cloth diapers as well.

Used diapers?
No. No. No.

Used diapers?
Yes. Yes. Yes. 

I've bought a lot of used diapers and I have yet to be displeased with my purchase.
Mamas take good care of their cloth diapers.
And, gently used diapers generally sell for half the price of a new diaper.
I like it.

So, where do I buy used diapers?
Cloth diaper swap board on Babycenter


Where do you buy your diapers?
Do you have a local store to support?
Have you ever bought used diapers?


TheSandersFamily said...

BIG fan of buying gentle used diapers here too! It allows me to get what I want but at the price I can afford. I generally buy from Diaperswappers for used diapers.

Plugging crunchy co-op again, but I also buy lots through them as well at wholesale or discounted prices. I LOVE Kelly's Closet and all her deals especially b/c she generally has a free diaper coupon. I have found the best quality and best priced prefolds at (that was 4 years ago but seems to be what I still see recommended price wise)

When I was pregnant with Tripp and going to the midwives in Memphis, there was an awesome store in midtown with cloth diapers that sadly went out of business. Oxford also has a maternity store that sells bumgenius :) (or did when I was preggo with Charlie)

Laura said...

Love Midtown Menphis. Not surprised at all about a cloth store located there but sadly, also not surprised that it went out of business.

Bethany said...

I buy my cloth diapers from two places. is awesome- she gets me my SoftBums quick and they are clean and neat and nice.

I do have a local store that I support and she has a cool referral program where I store credit if people click the link on my blog that I plan on putting up eventually and buy stuff through her. She's also awesome- she's delivered products to my husband at work for free. She is :)

I am currently trying to buy a used Rumparoo- totally open to it but have been obsessed with my one type of diaper until recently.

TheDearmanFamily said...

Bethany, I have a friend who uses Rumparooz and she really likes them.

Alicia, *knock knock* where are your comments about your Rumparoos?

Christine said...

I mostly shop at and, both of which are here in Virginia, where I live. Abby's Lane is having their brick and mortar grand opening tomorrow and I can't wait! I also shop from Itsy Bitsy Bums because Abby is awesome.

As for buying used, I have, and have always been pleased. But I usually buy new. I figure the diapers are going to get a LOT of use, so buying new is okay.

I don't have much luck selling diapers. I have some I'd like to sell, but I don't have the patience to keep bumping my swap thread 2x a day.

Jude and Alisha said...

I've bought all of our diapers from which is a local store in IL where we used to live. It has GREAT customer service and the lady who runs it is so nice.

Rebecca said...

I think you should be that local mama that sells cloth diapers! Do it! I can totally see you having your own little local CD business:)

TheDearmanFamily said...

Rebecca, never going to happen. I appreciate the confidence you have in me though :)

A Leoa Vigilante said...

lol you are funny. I am going to like following you.

So I was given $500 in giftcards for my babyshower so I bought all my clothe diapers at

I got lucky!!!

I have Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz, and BumGenius. I got lucky!

But I did buy a few from a lady here off Craigslist.

Yay to Cding!!

Imogen ( said...

i buy all of Ciarans nappies from the classifieds at :D

Courtney Moser said...

There is now a cloth diaper store in Memphis!