Sunday, January 29, 2012

We just can't have anything nice.

Sure our bed was so high, I needed a footstool when pregnant.
Sure I like my living room seating arranged just so.  
Sure I really like displaying art and having pretty things. 

But I still always thought our house was quite child friendly.

Our bed is no longer high.
One "flying through the air in her sleep, 3.5 feet down to the cold hardwood floors" incident with an almost 18 month old cured of me needing to sleep in my pretty antique bed.
Now Liza and I snug down, inches from the floor, on just a mattress.

Our living room furniture is no longer nicely arranged.
Now it is pushed back and out of the way.

But, it's okay.
Our kids are little and won't be little forever.

And, like my friend Emily's parents always said....
"We just can't have anything nice."


Emily Matz said...

TRUE TRUE TRUE! My Dad always said, "We just can't have anything nice." And the statement is VERY true when you have little kids. But I do believe one day, we will, but we will most likely be "empty nesters" then, and that thought makes me sad. Our children are only little for so long, so I say let them be little! Miss you tons Laura! Thanks for reminding me of that quote from my Dad. I sure do miss him! Baby Brother Reid will be here soon, keep watching my blog for details.

Lawkat53 said...

I miss both of you girls so much!  And those little ones get big fast, WAY 2 FAST!  After church yesterday, I had 3 people come up to me and tell me how they could not believe LJ was taller than oh my!  Love you 2!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I love our mattress on the floor :)

AndrewJayden said...

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