Friday, January 6, 2012

Jessica's VBAC pt.2

Have you read part one of Jessica's journey to her VBAC?  This mama absolutely rocks and I especially  love reading about her VBAC supportive ob/gyn.     

Fast forward to 40 weeks and 6 days. I woke up to a bloody show and my mucus plug. A good amount of blood and mucus continued for most of the day and contractions were about 10 minutes apart. They really were not painful but I knew something was happening. I called my husband home and we walked around the neighborhood and then decided to go to just get checked to see if this is the real deal. I knew I had the right to leave the hospital if I wanted so about 5pm we called the doctor and headed in. When I got there they hooked me up and the contractions were 5 minutes apart and but I was still 1 cm and 75 percent effaced. They tried to keep me and whisked me into a room and started trying to hook me up to a IV. I was texting my doula and birth group friends like crazy because I was so scared these nurses were going to try to ruin my chances for this VBAC. Everyone was telling me leave go home and labor and that I will end in a c-section if I do not get out of that hospital bed and go home. My OB happened to just arrive at the hospital for another delivery and I told the nurses not to touch me until I speak with him. They agreed and backed off. He came in about 8pm and asked me what all was going on. I told him I felt bombarded my the nurses and I honestly just wanted to go home. 

I braced myself for a lecture and surprisingly he said he agreed and that I needed to go get something to eat, go home and walk and labor where I am comfortable. So I was discharged and we grabbed a bite to eat on the way home and by the time we got back to the house the contractions picked up like crazy. They were extremely strong to the point where I couldn't walk or talk through them. Nothing made them feel better.  I took several showers. I bounced on my ball and walked around the house and yard. I finally reached my breaking point and just wanted to go back to the hospital for pain relief so I called my doula to talk me down. She came right over; it was about 1am at this point. She calmed me down and gave me a massage on my back during contractions while I sat on the exercise ball. The contractions slowed up but were now completely back labor and very very strong. The only way I made it through them was to imagine my husband and I swinging on a hammock on the beach in Jamaica with a margarita in my hand like on our honeymoon. Since they slowed down and I was handling them well my doula went back home to get some rest. She only lives about two miles from me so that was no problem with me at that point.  There was nothing more she could do and I had my mom, aunt and husband with me.

About 5am I decided I could no longer take the pain. I was doubled over and reached my max so my husband and I kissed my oldest daughter goodbye, packed my bags and headed back to the hospital. The ride was horrible the entire way there. I felt like I clinched the seat like I could have ripped it out at every contraction. Once inside I had to hang onto the hospital wall to get to the L & D through each contraction. I just wanted someone to hit me with a bat and knock me out until this baby was ready. I give so much credit to woman that can do this naturally but after 24 hours of labor and no sleep, I had had enough. They got me checked back into the same room I was in the night before and my doctor came in about 30 minutes later. He checked me and I was at a 5 and almost completely effaced. I was ecstatic all that work at home paid off. He also said my contractions are off the chart they could not have gotten any stronger so he understands when I tell him that I couldn't take it anymore. At this point I just wanted to rest. I had reached my point of no return so I requested a epidural even though I swore I was not going to get one. If I didn't relax through these contractions and get some rest I would not make it through the rest of this labor. About 8am I received my epidural and finally breathed for the first time in hours since I wasn't in pain. I prayed and prayed I made the right decision and that it would not slow my contractions. My aunt arrived who was a L & D nurse for 15 years and who I think of as my second mother which made me even happier that I could get through this with her and my hubby. They came in and checked me about 10am and I was at a 8 and fully effaced which absolutely made me so happy inside. This is really happening!  My aunt was watching the monitor for me and the contractions since the thought did cross my mind of rupture but she kept me calm telling me the contractions are perfectly spaced apart and she could even see some head compressions where the baby was moving down. 

About 1pm they came in and checked me again and I was complete and ready to start practice pushing=) They set everything up for delivery and the doctor said he would be back in about 30 minutes and with a smile told me you are getting this VBAC. His positive attitude really helped me to believe this was going to happen. My nurse and my aunt got me started with practice pushes and we did that for about the next 30 minutes. It wasn't bad at all and they were so encouraging. My aunt said she could see her head so I knew the pushing was working. My doctor came back in and it was go time. He was the best coach ever and talked me through each push telling me what a great job I was doing. About 5 pushes later the most beautiful cry I have ever heard filled the room. 

My VBAC baby girl was here!

 My doctor placed her on my chest and prepped for my husband to cut the cord. She was so beautiful and I couldn't believe I was holding her moments after she was born. It was amazing. She latched on like a pro and I can't even explain the difference in births. It was just amazing.

It was like in those last 5 pushes my body was healed emotionally and physically from all the harm my first birth did to me. I felt complete and like a woman again. Like I could do anything if I would just stand up for myself and my body and baby.

 She was taken to the nursery for just a couple of minutes to be weighed and checked over. They came back and announced she was a whooping 9 pounds one ounce and was perfectly healthy. She stayed in our room for the entire stay which was night and day from my section. I was up and walking around and eating a real meal within two hours of giving birth. 

I am so glad that I was able to experience this and I hope my story can give hope to other woman that are thinking of giving a VBAC a chance.


The Quinns said...

Great story! Congrats to Jessica and family- but I still agree with the comment on the previous post- I want to hear how she got a three month old to latch! That is beyond impressive and I think this mama might be more stubborn that me, which is saying a lot!!!!

Lindsay said...

Yay Jess!!! That made this prego get all teary eyed!! Love to you all!